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  1. An idea would be for the loadout UI menu to include the sorts of options available to the ground crew, or at least the important ones. I would love to see that, others may not enjoy it though
  2. https://www.kaman.com/sites/default/files/FMU-152AB-DataSheet2017-pages-PRINT.pdf I am gonna guess firstly that it is a new feature to that particular weapon which has yet to be implemented to the viper module. So not a bug just an incomplete feature. Second guess would be that, as per the attached document, it might depend on whether the F-16 uses the necessary stores interconnect system to actually change the fuze delay setting "on the fly" or not. It may be that the hornet can and with the viper the ground crew have to manually prepare them. I can't find any documents telling me either way, maybe ED can't? More likely the first guess though in honesty If it is down to the ground crew then, of course, ED will have to code that in to the comms menu when the payload contains this bomb so either way it is not a straight argument of "the hornet has it so the viper should" in my humble opinion.
  3. This is what posting off the cuff comments and videos on these forums gets you...look what you have done! Hang your head in shame. the stress you have caused these poor souls is unbearable to watch
  4. Yes, you're right formation change, navigation commands and engage bandits do seem to work fine. Ground attack has never worked for me until I tried the other command types discussed above. Maybe the "Flight" ground attack commands rely on the flight's mission type and this is why it works with your version of the miz and not the original? I will have to do some more testing on it some time to get to the bottom of it
  5. Test results: Ai did indeed attack primary when assigned the engage with command. I tested both second element and wingman commands and they both set up for a successful attacking run. I took a hit to the elevator while loitering which made my own attack pretty poor this time around but was all good and fun. I suppose then the million dollar question is, "why aren't the Ai responding properly to "Flight, Engage..." commands?" I dare say using "Flight, engage with" may even work but then what would the point be in the former? Thanks
  6. Hi Suntsag, Hope you're well. The Ai issue, for me at least, was remedied by using the miz file provided by Nealius. Whether this is a core DCS issue or a mission setting issue I will leave up to ED to decide though it has been a bug bear for many for a while now so I doubt it is mission specific in hind sight. Loving the new missions, briefing overlays and voice overs, really adds that authenticity and they are at a good pace for comprehending. Keep up the good work and thanks for offering to adjust the briefing for me, even if it was most likely an oversight/operator error on my part EDIT: ahhh...i watched the video now, you are using "second element" commands and engage with? Hmm, I always use "Flight" commands and they do not respond, maybe that is the issue then? I will try the original mission your way and see if it works ok for me. Could be a break through moment right here! lol
  7. I expected that though this is the popup navigation assistance which guides you at each waypoint with what heading to turn to, if it is supposed to simulate a GCI guiding you on to target then that GCI should be fired.
  8. As discussed previously with other modules, when trying to control an axis with button presses they move too rapidly making fine control of the levers impossible and distracting. The Spitfire, P51 and P47 all have this issue with the rpm lever swinging back and forth with the slightest tap of the button. Can you slow it down or allow a special option to adjust the response maybe? It would be even cooler if you incorporated this adjustment into the friction wheel which is already present...
  9. To the video? Respectfully, you can't know what the pilot's were doing in the cockpit, the only way to know what the bug is capable of is to look at the flight test data and compare it to the DCS simulated data. Anything else is just hearsay I'm afraid
  10. You are assuming far too much from a video buddy
  11. Thanks dude I will give that a go. Hopefully if it works, ED can just switch their file for yours and that's one less thing to worry about. EDIT: they certainly do engage primary though I took a one hit kill to my engine from the AAA that time so wound up as a fireball forcing my Ai wingmen to get the hell outta dodge but I think by the looks of it that switching the Ai mission type has worked. Now all that is needed is to correct the nav bearing cues so that they match the course and it will be perfect
  12. Please see the attached track and video showing the issue. There are two objects which only appear when you are out with a certain distance and I cannot figure out what the heck they are I have attached a track file for reference but it is on the instant action cold start normandy for the P51 which I have on trial license right now. Thanks P51 floating objects .trk and seen again on the channel cold start, is this a P51 issue, DCS issue or something to do with the trial licenses?
  13. I am not sure about this one, apparently the Fluorescent fixtures were removed when they moved to the G model so that is probably indicative of the issue being experienced here. I have found all sorts of documentation online https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OcD8c_YCv3OUFLcmR99J-_p1l1XBWmV5/view though I can't find details of this particular CB's amp rating but something tells me that having 4 devices wired to it that when you ramp the lighting up full you are probably overloading the circuit. I am gonna have a play around and see what is going on now that you mention it https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/cockpit-lighting-in-p-47d-30.51237/ EDIT: Ok, had a little test on the channel at temp 2c in January. Warmed her up on the ramp slowly and found that everything worked as expected until I went past 30MP toward takeoff power which caused the UV spot lights to stop working not sure why* but there was no recovering them and the CB did not pop... The temp gauge, compass light etc all remained on as did the fluorescent cockpit lights. Strangely, the rheostat being turned ALL the way toward start turns off the UV spots but when you turn it slightly back from 100% they come on at full. *I am going to assume that I blew the lamps in the spots when moving toward takeoff power, as the amp meter was reading higher than the suggested 40/50 amps for general flight, which could have overloaded the filaments before the circuit breaker popped. I would love to see the schematics that @BIGNEWYmentioned as without them it is all guess work at best and there is conflicting opinion out there (see link above) about what lights were present in the D model cockpit. Certainly most of the images available out there show only the spot styles and not the baton style fluorescents which are featured in DCS P-47D. This could certainly influence whether or not the circuit would have been overloaded as easily, though I would assume the technicians would have worked around such an issue by removing or replacing the culprit. Can't see a pilot putting up with such an issue given the environment they were flying into... P47 cockpit lights.rar
  14. In my experience recently, if you do not hug the right hand line of tyre markers the Ai will try to get past you, the markers could do with adjusting or the Ai pathing on this airfield needs tweaked to accomodate the current layout better. They line up VERY close to one another, see the 3 aircraft (one obscured by my tail) in the attached image. Maybe some overall tweaking of Ai parameters required. Please also see my post regarding bomb delivery issues
  15. Nope, definitely included with the module for the channel single missions see this post too,
  16. I am having trouble getting the Ai to attack the objective in this mission. I have tried using "attack ground targets", "attack primary and rejoin" and "attack air defense" but although they acknowledge the command they still come home with all their bombs still firmly strapped to the wings. I landed a decent hit in the centre of the radars which took out one or two units but had the wingmen have finished the job we would have been laughing, instead you are left to loiter in the target area taking AAA fire hoping that they will attack but they just don't... it's frustrating. As an aside, this is an age old issue with the DCS Ai which you see crop up time and time again on the various social platforms, isn't it time it got sorted out? Thanks
  17. I would hope that ED would fix this issue with their missions as they are part of the module package
  18. also make sure you run a slow repair, not the fast one
  19. try pressing rctrl + numpad * or / This is the camera FOV command
  20. I can't really remember if you can zoom in VR. You can use the "spyglass" command (i think thats its name). f you wanted to "get out and look at things" up close on the ground your best bet is to go to free camera mode and pan around whatever it is you are looking at.
  21. Ahhh yes...I may have switched the page file to manual a while back when dealing with another issue. Nice one, let me fix that and see how I get on
  22. Hi BN, i only have the community A4 installed currently but it was not used in the hind weapon practice mission which crashed on loading in. I rebuilt the saved games folder recently on your advice and have run slow and fast repairs but am still getting random catastrophic crashing. Windows, gpu drivers etc are all up to date, fxo and metashaders deleted frequently too. The log seems to mention IC checks of some kind toward the end though I was in SP at the time. However, I think SRS may have been running still connected to an MP server at the time. Could this have caused DCS to throw a wobbler maybe?
  23. Not sure what you mean? I have uploaded a crash log for the devs to look at. Are you ok?
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