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  1. On that same note you could enquire about AI formation flying in general. It is and has always been too rigid. In the same way that these AI pilots try to inhabit the same airspace as their counterparts, an AI wingman will fly rigidly in position until you pull a maneuver of sorts (i.e. a roll or tight turn) which causes the AI to seemingly spasm/slew across the virtual air until they are back in position before resuming. Possibly there could be a way to reduce this "rigidity"? Or to add some logic which causes the AI wingman to fly back into formation as opposed to slewing.
  2. That post doesn't resemble an "official announcement" in any form i'm afraid. You can't hold them at gunpoint over something they glazed over in the forums. Sure it will turn up eventually but it hasn't been scheduled on any official timeline or anything so let's not drag this out any further than it already has been
  3. Exactly that! lol It's a gradual increase from green to red so just keep tapping til you find the balance you prefer
  4. @Pilot Ike It is something they would like to do but this has not been officially announced by the team so no point in arguing about it really
  5. From what I can see, any deviation from centre of the axis/dial starts the ASP-5 mil dial turning in that direction and to stop it you have to perfectly centre the dial again. Deka had a similar issue with their radar deflection at one point IIRC. By default it is acting as above but when you put a custom curve on etc you can get it to start turning slowly but it never stops and by the time you adjust the settings to being almost usable the saturation is so fine that the input gets jumpy. Think it may be something to do with the wrong "iCommand" in the Lua file but
  6. So DCS used to allow switching from say Speakers > Headphones and vice versa when the sim was running but it is not the case anymore. Is it possible to reintegrate this as it is infuriating having to restart the sim every time I wish to switch output. Is this the same for everyone or is it my issue specifically I wonder? Or is it a limitation since the 2.5.6 engine/build/thing-a-ma-bobbery...? Ta
  7. What I meant is you could be in australia and summer is in december. Chill out. At this point I hope they release it on the 22nd just to mess with you
  8. Q2 2021: April 1 - June 30 This is probably where you tell me you live in a part of the world where summer is on the wrong part of the calendar...
  9. For anybody who missed this: https://stormbirds.blog/2021/01/09/new-dcs-mi-24p-information-translated-from-russian-interview/
  10. They have said over and over that once they finish fixing the harrier they will move on to the next module for bug fixing which in this case is the Mig-19. They never promised an S variant nor said they would not do one. They did not commit fully either way IIRC.
  11. Yeah i am dropping in CCIP and selecting 5 mil but it remains on 3/9? I'll have another look and make sure my profiles are not conflicting or something...
  12. Hello, Not sure if it's me doing something stupid but when trying to drop CBU-97 I selected 3/9 consent and then changed it to 5 mil. Problem is the consent type remains 3/9 with either consent type selected i.e. Select 5 Mil and it will still be in 3/9 mode. TIA for assistance
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