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  1. Quick update on progress. After backing off the GPU overclock things seem to have stabilized. It's strange that the GPU was completely stable long term before refreshing windows but it is what it is. Thank you very much for you help.
  2. Apologies for the late reply. The forum update kind of screwed things up for me. I tried your suggestion and had DCS crash, so I tried increasing the values to 10 and 20 and it still crashed. Latest logfile attached. dcs.log-20201202-111353.zip
  3. It just happened again in the SoW server as I used VRzoom dcs.log-20201129-125001.zip
  4. It has crashed previously going from F10 to F1 view but not in this case
  5. Here is the last crash which was on the Aerobatics online server in the Mi8. I started up and took off with two gazelles next to me and DCs crashed on takeoff. dcs.log-20201129-111242.zip
  6. So I did a complete fresh install of everything on my computer to fix some gremlins which has made everything overall run much better. That said I now am faced with the game crashing on me and giving the DCS has crashed window. It seems to happen mostly when there is more happening around me in multiplayer and is pretty much happening every multiplayer flight now. Being in VR my only option is to press spacebar when it says DCs has crashed and then press spacebar again for the option of opening the log file in explorer. So my question is two fold. Where can I go to get the crash file looked at and since I cannot select send crash report, where should I send the crash logs for future crashes?
  7. This is the exact issue I’ve been having since the last few patches As well. If I use F10 or respawn Vrserver takes up over 50% of my GPU usage and destroys my frame rate. Same as you I’ve had similar settings without issue for a while but this recent issue has made me pull my hair out in frustration. I’ve noticed more recently that using helicopters at low level taxing the GPU on multiplayer can recreate this issue fairly constantly without dying or pressing F10. Happy to test for any of the dev team to recreate things as it’s fairly common place for me atm.
  8. Hey guys, I know the latest update included P51 engine fixes but I've just updated and can't get any engine effect for either p51 or Spitfire now. Anything I might be doing wrong? Oh and is there a link to a donations option for all this?
  9. Ok, at least I'm not the only one that has noticed this. It's not game breaker but annoying for immersion. Hopefully a fix is in the works at some point.
  10. For a long time now I've wondered what the issue is with objects in the distance that almost look see through right on the edge of the rendering distance while in VR. I only just realised it is because the left and right screens in my Reverb are rendering at slightly different distances. One eye will see a mountain off in the distance while the other won't. Has anyone else seen this?
  11. All good, a stable server is priority at this time. I can live without it for the time being while bugs are squashed. Thank you trying at least!
  12. Thanks for the reply. I looked on the simshaker forum and it looks like the server needs to enable/allow player exports.
  13. Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this or can verify if they have a similar problem. My simshaker setup has worked flawless for me but when ever I log onto the “Just Dogfight” or “Storm of War” online servers the simshaker doesn’t work at all. I’ve not found any other servers with this issue. Has anyone else found this issue on those or any other servers? Edit: I just read up the top of the page about Shadow912’s similar issue. I’m guessing the fix will be the same? If so I’ll alert the server owners and ask them if they can change it.
  14. Hey guys, I've just started getting familiar with some of my WWII modules and ended up in the SOW server thanks to Philstyles wonderful videos but I did notice something. When in the server my buttkicker with simshaker for aviators does not work. The only other server that also does this is the Just Dogfight server so I'm guessing it's something to do with the setup of the server. While it may sound like a minor issue, I do find products like the buttkicker give a very important feel to flying which is even more important in warbirds. Any ideas what the issue might be? Loving the SOW server btw.
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