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  1. Oh, crazy.... cool man, thanks... I go try that out.
  2. I've discovered some things.... For whatever reason, it seems that I can manipulate the flaps with my left controller only. That's close enough for now... at least I can do it. I think I've gotten my head around some of the wackeyness as well. In the loading screen, when I use my grip button, the cursor (white circle) appears on screen, but very low. I have to point nearly to the ceiling for it to come to the bottom of the loader-screen. So, with that in mind, when I'm trying to pull the flaps up, I thought "hey... you probably have to point way higher than you intend"... and that see
  3. The VR hands sorta work for me and sorta don't. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to improve this? If I don't show the hands (VR settings), then I can manipulate most/all of the controls. If I show the hands however, I can only manipulate some of the controls. For example, without the hands, I can raise the flaps in the P51 (stock and addon). I sorta have to guess around to get it though as I don't have something showing me what I'm pointing at. If I show the hands, then I can do the grip pointer thing and select some controls and manipulate them, but only some of them. Th
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