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  1. Most of all, it is fortunate that Maverick and HARM were developed a year before Viper was released. Although Viper is in open beta right now, it is not convenient for everyone to only look at YouTube for study whenever a new feature or system comes out in the module. Therefore, when the Maverick and HARM are released, thank you for updating the training missions and manuals.
  2. I don't know where the developers will put the point of product completeness, In my opinion, if it is released with a similar completeness to the first released f-16, it will be released as early access within a month.
  3. Here are amazing videos! (Made by some talented DCS user, not mine.) Enjoy! :thumbsup:
  4. In my opinion, when the list items mentioned are 100% complete, they will come out as early access. And it seems that the Bellsimtek team is in charge of this project. They are companies that have released huey, Mi-8, F-86, Mig-15, and F-5E modules. I have all the modules mentioned above, and I am very satisfied with the quality of the products. They work speed is fast and the completeness is high. Also they are brilliant people who have also participated in the F-18 Hornet and F-16 Viper projects. So I'm looking forward to more Mi-24 hind products. However, I know they are in Bellal
  5. Thank you for your advice, but in my case, even if I gave 50% to 0%, the freezing was not resolved.
  6. Set the "terrain textures" to low in the graphics options. In most cases, the problem is solved. The Syria map, unlike other maps, consumes a lot of resource memory. In my case, the Gulf map used 11G while the Syria map used 23G of resource memory, and when the terrain textures was set to low, it was reduced to 13.5G, and I was able to play smoothly. Single play & No AI Considering the low-medium PC users, the Syria map seems to need optimization. My PC: Intel I5 4570 3.2G DDR3 32G ram Geforce RTX2060 Graphic card SSD 500G
  7. The dcs syria map is really well made. Congratulations. ! I have one question for the Ugra Media company. I heard that cyprus islands will be added in the future, roughly when will they be added?
  8. Will the mentioned roadmap be completed within this year?
  9. Without arguing, fly the dcs hornet yourself. As you can see from many real life videos, The full flap characteristics of the dcs f-18 Hornet are not absolutely realistic flight models. Without much debate, you'll see if you try base landing directly from dcs hornet with full flaps. I also tried several times, and I could never lift the nose with a full flap. In my personal opinion, it seems that too much lift occurs at full flap. Because, before lifting the nose, there is so much lift that the plane is already floating.
  10. Thank you very much for your sincere response. And I admire your professional knowledge.
  11. I saw your valuable opinion. IMO, DCS P-51D seems to be worth it enough. Is it worth buying a P-47 module?
  12. Very useful review. I learned more about the Gunfighter I am using. And you seem to have added an independent trim key, which is amazing how it is possible. Thanks~
  13. I am using Gunfighter on the table. I'm uncomfortable with the hat switch on the attached image. Is it possible to realign the 4 way switch? (90 degree) Thanks~
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