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  1. Nice rant, agree with most. In a nutshell it boils down to this for me...... If ED moves in the opposite direction and makes it MORE demanding on VR to the point where the hardware cannot keep up - I will abandon DCS in a blink and never look back. I'm never going back to flat earth flying. The fact that soooo many other titles out there are embracing VR while Ed seems to consider it a sideshow or an afterthought. I'm sure they don't actually consider VR an afterthought. But I suspect that they are so far down the road with their legacy engine, that they are finding it hard to keep up and make improvements in VR with an engine that is not really set up for it. Always the conumdrum. Immersion & Performance. of course.
  2. Not in the same boat at all. For me it's VR or nothing. I gave up flight simming back in the early 2000's (MSFS whatever and Falcon 3.0/4.0, etc) specifically because flat screen flight simming to me was nothing more than playing a game. There was no immersion whatsoever. Of course I'm jaded because I flew real jets for a living for 20+ years. So I'm not your typical case study. In any event, I gave it up until VR became mature despite VR just being a gleam in some computer engineers eyes that far back. Anyway, I digress....... I am running a G2 with a 2080Ti and am loving it. Is it as crisp as a 4K or 8K flat screen? Ofc not. I have most of my settings pretty high and it still runs a good solid 45fps. Could it be better? Sure. But I'd always take a slightly less crisp picture and have the full 3D immersive value i get with VR than EVER go back to flat world.
  3. I do exactly this, but with little pieces of velcro on the center buttons so you can feel the texture. With some practice, I don't have to look under the headset at all. My fingers just naturally find the buttons. I've also built the panel for the MPDs to be very close to where I would see it in the VR cockpit. So it feels fairly natural to reach down to the MFDs that I see and the real ones are right there. It becomes a very natural motion.
  4. Yeah, I think I'd be better off spending that $1500 on a 3090 and look at what comes out in a year or so VR headset wise. Maybe I'll win the lottery and get an XTAL, LOL.
  5. Thanks, that was super helpful! I think I'll stick with the G2 for now. I'd love to have that Huge FOV, but don't want to give up the crispness of G2. I'm pretty sure the reviewer said he was running it at 2K. I wonder if the Pimax would look different running at 8K on a 3090?
  6. Hi all, trying to work through all the posts in this thread. Good info. i'm on the verge of pulling the trigger on an 8KX but wondering if my system will be able to run it decently. I'm running a i9-9900K cpu and a 2080-TI GPU. I'm currently running a Reverb G2 with no issues but am very tempted to test out the 8KX for the wider FOV and higher Rez. Is it worth trying out or should I wait to upgrade the card into a 3080 or 3090 before trying the Pimax? TIA.
  7. Do you need a handcontroller for the 8KX if you're only doing DCS with it? I know you need a base station, but I'm not sure about the controller.
  8. After talking to some gaming SW engineers and visual artists who both use the Pimax 8KX in DCS to good effect - I'm considering getting one. I currently have the Reverb G2 and love it, but find the limited FOV binocular effect is slightly immersion killing. So I'm interesting in trying the wide FOV on the 8KX. Most of the previous stuff I've read on the early Pimax headsets were terrible. But with the 8KX, it seems to me that Pimax have gotten their "stuff" together finally. I'm currently running an i9-9900K with a 2080TI w/32gb. Is this enough to run the 8KX well until the 3080 or 3090 cards become more available? Would like to hear your opinions, especially if you have had both the G2 and the 8KX. Thanks in advance!
  9. I apologize upfront for probably what is a stupid question. But I don’t have the mission editor manual handy and I can’t figure this out. I’m trying to do some night missions in single player, but when I change the time in the weather and time function, when I go try to fly, it says that My mission is delayed start. How do I set a time in the mission editor and then be able to jump right into the flight at that time?
  10. One of the things that bugs me to no end is jumping into an instant action or a training mission that has an airborne spawn as it's starting point, but all the relevant systems are not set up for that particular fight. For instance, in some of the training missions where you do A/A with a bandit(s), the Master arm is not always on, the Countermeasures programs are not set up, A/A mode is not selected, etc etc. So as you're merging with the bandit, you are heads down as soon as you spawn trying to get the switches set correctly before you have to turn with them. And often times you're soaking up a missile shot because your Chaff & flare are off. Lots of similar stuff for A/G too where you are flung into the aircraft on the target run in, but the laser is not armed, the pod is in standby, the Bomb fuzes and programs are not set and there is no way to get them all set correctly when you're often less than 45 sec out. So Please ED - can you set up the aircraft at spawn with the switches already preset for the expected action? I don't have any issue doing it all myself - but not in the 15 sec before I merge with the Fulcrum on my nose lobbing heaters at me while I'm fumbling with the chaff/flare programs.
  11. Hi BN, I just found this thread while doing a search for how to fix some issues with my Reverb G2 settings. I've applied all your settings but not getting anywhere near 90 fps. Depending on how busy the scene is, 50-60 in SP and usually around 45. It's definitely improved over what I had previously, but nothing in the range of what you're seeing. The one thing I didn't see in your screenshots was the Steam VR main screen settings. What do you have the slider set to for the main steam window and what are your other settings set to such as Super Sampling ON/OFF etc. Thank you.
  12. What's not true? Are you able to run betas of either with the current issues?
  13. Very helpful, thank you. I had not thought about reflective surfaces being a factor. Also my Sim pit is right up against a wall on my right side and the left is open to the room. I wonder now if I'm getting any issues with wall color? But I have flown lots in there before with no previous issues, so not sure what's going on.
  14. Ah OK, thanks. So we are talking only the beta for WMR for Steam, correct? Should I turn beta back ON for Steam VR?
  15. Obviously the room lighting is critical for the headsets that are self-contained headtracking..... But I've never really seen it defined as to what is the correct and best way to set up the lighting for ideal performance. I've recently begun to experience issues with my Reverb G2 tracking. At least I'm assuming that is the issue. Here is a description of my symptoms as best as I can think to describe it.... When looking around IN the cockpit, especially looking down trying to find a switch - the whole cockpit floats around and starts "jittering". It does happen when I'm looking straight ahead, but much less so. AS soon as I move my head left or right or especially down - it starts to float around and then snap back, all the while jittering as if you were holding a camera while driving down a gravel road. Other times, there is a definitive stutter at a specific hz rate as if you're you're going tick, tick, tick..... Most of this is while sitting on the ground running. If I look outside of the cockpit, the scene and the world going by is fine. As soon as the cockpit comes back into the FOV - its starts floating and jittering again. If there is a way I could capture that video, I'll post it here so it makes more sense. Not sure how to take video clips in the VR headset. I've run FPS VR while this is going on and the frame rates down seem to change based on whether I'm looking down into the cockpit with the max amount of floating or not - so that's what's leading me to think its a head tracking issue. It's weird though, because I've not had this happen before. It also seems to improve slightly if I turn off my monitor, but it no where eliminates the problem. Any ideas, suggestions, fixes??? Huge TIA!
  16. I followed the advice in this thread and the other one that @speed-of-heat suggested. I opted out of all the betas and reloaded both WMR and WMR for Steam. I haven't played a mission extensively since, but have had no crashes so far. However, my performance has dropped significantly. I'm still getting stutters and lower FPS rates when in the past I was running super smooth frame rates. Can anyone point me to a link with all the new recommended settings for VR in all the various areas of adjustment? I don't keep up with all the GUI changes religiously due to work time commitments - so am not sure what needs to be changed as new SW versions come out. But a rundown of all the NVIDIA, Steam VR, WMR and DCS recommended settings would be most highly appreciated. I feel like I'm chasing my tail here and have have been at this for hours this morning trying to experiment with various settings. I'm just very confused as to all the different new options now in both DCS settings and Steam VR settings, Super sampling on/off, legacy reprojection mode on/off, etc. Are there any Betas that I should enable? And so on..... HELP PLEASE!!!
  17. Sorry for the stupid question from a novice..... what do you mean by "reverted to the the release tree"?
  18. Hi guys, I was about to post a question about a recent VR issue with my HP Reverb G2 - and then I saw this thread and wondered if this is also my issue. Very recently, I noticed my VR experience in game has been jittery and the cockpit just floats around and then snaps back and floats and snaps back. I'm also getting computer freezes in game where DCS just freezes and I have to reboot it to get out. The jittery/floating effect is happening most all the time but mostly when I'm sitting on the ground and look down into the cockpit. I'm wondering if I need to change some settings post in nvidia or Steam VR post 2.7. I've tired all sorts of lighting combos to rule the head tracking issue, but it worked fine before in the same room with the same lighting. And that wouldn't account for the sudden slew of crashes and freezes. Now after having read about the Steam VR issue above ^^, is this also how the Steam issue is manifesting? Or do I have something unrelated? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. For the non tech savvy - how do you do this clean and repair??
  20. Yes and no. Thanks for asking. I was literally about to post a question about some performance issues that just cropped up in the last week or so. Prior to that, I had it working well with smooth frame rates and good detail. But lately - and I don't know if it's tied to 2.7 or not - my VR experience in game has been jittery and the cockpit just floats around and then snaps back and floats and snaps back. That's happening all the time but mostly when I'm sitting on the ground and look down into the cockpit. I'm wondering if I need to change some setting post in nvidia or Steam VR post 2.7. Have any of you guys come across this?
  21. I understand that and I've enjoyed some good 1v1 - especially against dissimilar jets where there are always strengths and weaknesses to exploit or be exploited. Some of the most fun BFM I ever did was against the German Mig-29s. Nimble little bastards! But actually if I had to choose, I would say 2v1 or 2v2 was far more fun and fulfilling. And far more of a challenge. Not only do you have to be able to fly excellent BFM, but you have to be able to cooperate well with your wingman, have pristine comms to establish roles, etc. There was FAR more to keep track of in a 2v1 or 2v2 at the merge. 2v2 dissimilar was really fun. 2v2 similar was a bitch because it was hard to keep track sometimes as to who was your wingman and who was your bandit when everyone was flying the same jet and performing the same.
  22. I don't know about the Hornet specifically - but most airplanes have a "DIRECT" or manual mode for the GBU-24, which is a hot pickle button. But as others have said, the GBU-24 implementation is very much WIP. The GBU-24 has different flight modes depending on release parameters, and if the jet computer is good - in most cases AUTO is prefered to make the most of the bomb's capability. Edit to add - depending on mode selected (are GBU-24 mode selections even available yet in DCS?) and release altitude..... if you release a GBU-24 at Medium altitude, it's going to resemble a fairly normal ballistic profile anyway. So what you're seeing is likely not that much off of IRL. It's down low and using either the vertical or horizontal target modes are where you really see the trajectory shaping of the -24 as opposed to the PWII weapons.
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