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  1. If you're going beak to beak with someone inside 9x range (outside of training), you've already screwed up.
  2. Yep, in the F-15E for instance, we would aerobrake all the way to almost the far end of the runway, drop the nose and then let it roll until it reached taxi speed and then use the brakes to control the turn off into EOR. If someone overcooked the landing and landed long and had to get on the brakes early..... then even with anti-skid - you had a very high chance of hot brakes and worst case blown tire plugs. Well, worst case is a fire, but we won't go there. Brakes in a fighter are really only meant for taxiing and some moderate braking after landing or after a high speed abort. IME, almos
  3. I find that in today's modern era of JHMCS, AESA and 9x The Rate vs Radius argument is slightly over-rated. When you can uncage and shoot a 9x at someone across the circle, the rate vs radius of the opponent becomes somewhat moot. That is ofc until you run out of missiles and have to revert to the gun, then all that comes back into play. Was talking to a F-15C buddy of mine recently and he said that while they still train to all the normal classic BFM skills and such, in reality it's who can look over their shoulder with the Helmet the fastest and get a lock/uncage and shoot faster than th
  4. This happened to me as well just now. I had the exact same issues as the OP. My clock was off by one hour even though my auto daylight savings time thing was turned on. Manually adjusting the clock worked like a champ. Thanks for this thread! I was pulling my hair out.
  5. Notso

    Reverb G2

    So, back to the shimmering..... I went back again last night and started up the supercarrier launch mission. This time, while sitting on the cat I really looked around and stared hard at objects. By really staring at something for a bit, I did notice some shimmering. There's a vertical pole right by Cat #1 and if I really looked at it hard, I could really make out a bit of shimmer. Same with the edge of the deck. But if I was just doing a mission and looking around normally getting ready to launch or when in the groove on final - I honestly don't notice it at all. Certainly nothing that
  6. Notso

    Reverb G2

    Same here. I ease the strap on top a little and pull the back of the head piece a bit further down on my head and then tilt the headset down slightly to get the sweet spot just right. If I get it positioned correctly, its really good visuals. Positioning on the face is super critical with this HMD.
  7. Notso

    Reverb G2

    How is this possible? Can you please provide a screenshot of your DCS settings? I don't see how you're running the G2 @ 100%SS, 2x MSAA, on a 2080ti with no shimmering. Over water I could see that but not on the SC or airbases. Sorry for the delay in responding to this question. I haven't had much time to get on the computer. But I loaded up a SC module and while sitting on the cat ready for launch in a Hornet, I looked around quite a bit and really concentrated on the visuals. And nope, I didn't see any blurring, shimmering along the edge of the flight deck or any of the o
  8. Yep, I love VA for certain things.
  9. I would say the F-16 would be the closest in terms of doctrine and systems. USAF to USAF, rather than making the jump to Navy terminology, systems integrations etc. Especially since the A-10 and F-16 share most of the same HOTAS on the stick anyway. Having said that, I'm enjoying the Hornet mainly because it's more mature than the F-16 at the moment and it's closer to what I'm used to flying IRL than the viper is. Plus I don't particularly like the side stick, just feels wrong to me. YMMV
  10. Notso

    Reverb G2

    Not that I've noticed. I'll go back and look closer. I just tend to concentrate on the flying and the mission itself rather than nitpicking every little detail. Maybe that's just me......
  11. What video card are you and the others who have said this hotfix improves performance?
  12. I have found a fixed trackball works best for this. That way your hand doesn't have to move, but you can flick the cursor with the ball to where you need to around the cockpit. I have a small little pad right next to my right hip where the trackball sits and its easy to just drop your hand there to manipulate a switch. Ideally the left side is better because you can take your left hand off the throttle while still flying with your right, But I the track ball and the throttle get in the way of each other for a natural position for your hand to find it. But everyone is different. It works w
  13. Notso

    Reverb G2

    Is this maybe a 3080 card issue with the G2? I have a G2 running on a 2080Ti and have zero issues with any of the above described behavior. FPS are solid and I'm running 100% SS across the board and MSAA at 2x. Nice clear, stable and hi rez image with none of the shimmering - as I expected the G2 to be. It is definitely better than the G1 and the G1 I still have was/is very good.
  14. I just tried the F/A-18 Qualification Training mission for the JTAC scenario (Caucus). I go through the comms just fine and get the JTAC to say "laser on". But then the rest of the comms menu after that seems like it's geared for me using an LST (SPOT, Terminate, etc) but there is no TGP loaded on the jet. I have to reply with something from that Comm menu before I can get a new comm set of choices to call "IN". In any event, I go through the delivery once cleared HOT and the bombs hit near the target, but it's obvious they are not seeing the laser and not guiding.
  15. Sweet. I didn't realize there was a for sale section here. Thanks!
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