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  1. Here I prepared a video at my channel for Nvidia; And for AMD; Hope these helps...
  2. When you stress your hw over its limits, all the features driven by sw drivers may result a big mess. Now I'm working on AMD RX 5700XT to prepare a video for AMD and I see thats to a point it works quiet good but after that everything is troubled. Thats why Nvidia limited the feature for some series of cards but it needs optimization and maybe, it will always like this. Game engine creates the stress on hw and it is very important. On some games, this feature works like a charm. Here it works for poerful hw quiet good but not for medium to light weight hw.
  3. You can not please everyone, whatever you do. Many people thanked me about the video. It'll be better in time.
  4. Some Reverb users reported it too. Thats anot issue with vr sets I think cause there are benchmarks in video for monitors and it is better. I'll investigate it. Waiting for my Reverb G2.
  5. PUMP UP Your DCS! HELPS TO SOLVE DCS VIDEO STUTTERS and FPS DROPS - POINT BLANK Hi guys, This is another video from my Optimization Guide video and about a special Windows feature and setting. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR LATER VIDEOS!
  6. First version was a longer 34 minutes one explaining every single setting. Nobody watched, everyone explained how long it is. So, 99% of the people are requesting the result not the explanation. Please subscribe to my channel for upcoming videos, I'm very happy you watched and gave your feedback. Thank you!
  7. Thank you. In fact it covers the info about VR specigic settings and all the settings also effects for VR feed. Please subscribe for later updates.
  8. I've prepared this guide for my Youtube Channel "POINT BLANK" and tested all the settings with latest drivers one by one to see the effects on fps and stutter. Don't forget we can make it better and better with feedbacks. I've got so many up to date and worked on it.:) So many positive feedback received from facebook groups and youtube and I wanted to share this video here. I've worked hard on it, in fact it is the second version and I'll upgrade and continue the series with DCS updates and major changes to the Nvidia drivers. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL NOT TO MISS THE UPCOMI
  9. It seems there is cause at the youtube review videos, some screen shots show f/a-18 grip button assignation and pictures.
  10. I have warthog base fw version 12. Installed f/a-18 grip but not recognized as f/a-18 in target, same old picture of warthog joystick. Uninstalled drivers, updated target but not sucess. removed usb ports, re-installed drivers and target. Picture changed to f/a-18 grip. opened dcs. It is working in DCS, buttons are ok in device manager, apart from recce switch and small roll switch all are assigned in f/a-18. But not recognized in settings as f/a-18 grip. closed dcs. Opened target again and it is again same old warthog picture. It is working in dcs. Not sure it is inst
  11. Spacebar is assigned to trigger second stage, but it does not work to continue.
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