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  1. I am very new to multiplayer. At DCS Multiplayer menu, found the cold war server and I found me on Kutaisi airbase after selected Mig-21... So. I have questions: 1.What can I use for in-game communication? How? 2.How can I select these missions, different maps? 3.How can I see in game war map? Where is enemy bases? Where is the war is going on? So many questions but I would love to see some links or references here. Best Regards.
  2. I'm the admin of MigSukhoiRedforPilot group's admin at facebook and with over 500 members we are all waiting for Mig-23...I hope it finishes someday...:) Best Regards.
  3. Video review of this mod; https://youtu.be/wlvx-xR2R8c
  4. What is the way to replay a finished previous mission?
  5. What is the way to replay a finished previous mission?
  6. Some brief and short compilation of system and software settings for a PC to experience a better DCS World gameplay... Video Link
  7. Hi guys, I changed some parts and recorded new sound over it to get rid of that noisy sound and it is at 2K resolution for seeing the menus much better. I hope you like it and it works for you. Regards. https://youtu.be/sNdmJ8BpZpI
  8. AI is sometimes much more harder to kill as in this video.
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