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  1. Pahhh who needs nuclear power when you got diesel.
  2. Maybe someone could make a short hull Essex skin for it? I've tried but the textures are rather uncooperative when comapred to ships like CDG.
  3. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316150/
  4. Is a post conversion Essex planned to accompany the F-8?
  5. @Patrick56Could we maybe get a texture template for the Clemenceau? I want to turn it into a short bow Essex or something.
  6. It's not what I added rather what I removed, I simply copied the Takeoff and LandRW categories from the Tomcat.lua and pasted it in place of the Hornet's in the Hornet.lua.
  7. New bug found, with the recent changes in ED carrier code, the Hornet can no longer be launched from the carrier, in the Mission Editor you cannot place it on the Clemenceau. I am yet to test the Tomcat or any other carrier capable aircraft. Edit: All carrier borne aircraft except the Hornet work on it. The Hornet seems to refuse to work with mod carriers now. Edit 2: I fixed it with a fairly simple .lua edit to the Hornet itself.
  8. I'm having an issue where the Clemenceau just isn't moving. She has been set to 30 knots in the ME yet will not move at all.
  9. Unfortunately, neither myself nor Hawkeye have the knowldge nor the time to build a model from scratch, so no. However, this Iwo Jima LPH intrigues me.
  10. Elaborate as to what you mean? As in a group fund where everyone pitches in a little to find an Essex class or Midway class model? If so then yes we are very open to that as we still are yet to find any good model.
  11. The A-10A did indeed use laser guided bombs during the 1980s, albeit, with buddy lasing for guidance from like an F-16. I really think our A-10A in DCS should have them. The GBU series will add to the existing versatility of the A-10A, as well as expand the range of missions we can fly it on.
  12. Excellent work mate. Perhaps you'll tackle a skin making her an Essex class carrier next?
  13. We need a good model first
  14. Paint her as a post-coversion Essex you won't
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