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  1. Have you guys tried to create own bindings for MiG-21 in aircraft Lua files? I know this borders programming and is cumbersome, but those Lua-configs are quite flexible. There's 11 page document explaining the process somewhere. In fact I might give it a try next week, if I get a Warthog throttle by then.
  2. Can you be more specific, which discord channel? And for me it would be sufficient just to see it done in Twitch right now. Your channel is up and I can hear you typing ;)
  3. Yes, please, and there are others also. Or maybe we can get a video clip of the correct use of retarded level bombing?
  4. We are waiting in the Twitch channel :)
  5. I agree on this. Harrier is for me one of the most interesting aircrafts and maybe the best looking cockpit in high res VR. It still has many bugs remaining, but I am hopeful after today seeing long list of fixes in release pipeline. I also agree with some other posters that this project does not meet the criteria of professional software development. There may be many reasons, for example under resourcing.
  6. I was also baffled why the ground track points roughly 25 degrees off of the correct course in Nevada. After some testing I found out following: 1. Ground track works correcly when EHSI is in TRUE mode (also accounts for the wind drift). 2. When EHSI is switched to magnetic, the compass rose (in EHSI and HUD) react correctly by subtracting 12 degrees (magnetic deviation in Neavada) to get new values. However the ground track value is added 12 degrees instead of subtracting! This results in ground track value, which is 2x12=24 degrees wrong (you can see this both graphically and in digital
  7. I echo lukeXIII: no issues for me when replicating the tasks in the video. The downhill during right turn in the video is indeed caused by slight nose down joystick movement, which can be seen in control indicator. Some key points that helped me to understand the logic behind the AP: 1. AP works by adjusting the trim. Just watch the white marker in the input indicator. 2. The current trim values persist when AP is disengaged. 3. You can use "emergency SAAHS Disconnect" to reset your trim. 4. AP has roll limit that is something around 55 degrees. If you disengage AP during
  8. +1 I noticed the same. Came to look for answers and saw your question. I am not an expert on Harrier, but I think this is a bug and it was introduced in today's update.
  9. +1 I just mentioned this in patch notes thread. My proposal for release cycle is 2 months for stable, 2 weeks for open beta and critical hotfixes as needed.
  10. +1 Sounds good! Longer release cycle for features with possibility to release fixes for critical bugs as soon the are ready. edit: The armchair software engineer in me has even better idea: stable release every 2 months, beta every 2 weeks and hotfixes for beta as needed. This could reinstate the stable version as primary version on servers.
  11. I think also that the haze is too strong now, or at least there should be option for clearer weather. One thing I noticed in @eldur's photos that they are all taken in cloudy weather. Could it be that the clearest visibility happens when there are some clouds blocking direct sunlight? Maybe someone acquainted with meteorogical phenomena could shed some light in this issue.
  12. @eldur @Charly Are you running the same settings in 2D and VR? Because that is never going to work. In fact, I would be willing to hear the settings you are using and the HW configuration, so that we could see if that is in line with the performance the others are achieving. In my opinion, the VR performance is kind of expectable considering the quality of graphics. Of course I wish that I could crank up all the settings in VR, but that is not reasonable expectation. Even though I have beefy system. Currently I find the VR perf acceptable. I hope that VR perf will improve, but I am not
  13. I guess this talk about subscription models in this thread is a bit offtopic, so I am risking to participate, sorry about that. It is good to keep in mind that some things just cannot be hurried by throwing more money at them. Of course greater resources help, but it is nowhere linear gain in production speed. I am not so sure that the lack of funding is even the problem here. Some things you just have to wait and enjoy what you have right now.
  14. Just subjective gut feeling that VR performance has been improving with the two latest updates. Nice to see we are now on right track, hopefully developers can squeeze more FPS in coming updates also. There are still occasional stutters, which may be AI computations or something not graphics related.
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