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  1. Updated the campaign to tweak Mission 9. Friendly forces shouldn't be so unfriendly now. Thanks!
  2. Hah, that's funny. Sorry that happened. Should be a relatively easy fix to flip the RedFor to invisible once you head south. I'll play with it tonight. Sorry again.
  3. Excellent, glad you were able to finish it! Sorry again for the delay in fixing it. Do you still get messages on the right side of the screen if you turn off subtitles? If you do, then this is the perfect mission to forget the subtitles. You will miss some chatter with other planes, but Jester is the boss in this one issuing the commands. If you're also missing Jester's chatter on the right side, then yeah, you might miss some commands.
  4. I'm glad you're liking it so far! It's amazing how the "little" things like AAR and trapping can be such a big deal, especially when Jester gives a nice comment for a 3 wire. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  5. I haven't tested it, but I've seen others state what you have: order of start is based on order of when it was placed in the missions editor. The only way I know how to affect the start order is to simply delay the activation of specific groups. Group 1 is spawned 1 second after mission start, Group 2 is 2 seconds, etc. Play with it until you get the planes where you want them. It's annoying, but until they allow us to set where each plane spawns on the carrier, it's the easiest way. The only quirk with that system is the 6-pack/street area on the carrier. My understanding is that you c
  6. Can you just have a separate flag that triggers when entering the zone? Flag 1 is off at missions start. Unit enters zone, Flag 1 is on. Unit is outside of zone and Flag 1 is on = Unit is outside of zone after killing SAMs. Hope that helps.
  7. This should be all 11 Mission Summaries and Blue Tasks. Let me know if something is awry with the PDFs. :) I'm actually working (very slowly) on updating it with the -A version with voice overs as a paid campaign. And at least 4 new missions. :) I've noticed a few missions don't work as well with the -A, as some of the speeds stated in the kneeboard aren't ideal with a max loadout for the less powerful TF30s. Some of the triggers are time sensitive, which need updating with the -A. EarnestWillPDFs.rar
  8. There isn't. If I have some time tonight I can copy them out of my Word document into a txt/pdf and attach them here.
  9. I set the player's plane to Late Activation to ensure where it spawns, which might be the problem. Remove that while adding Client, and it might work. I haven't tested it, but just giving ideas.
  10. Greetings all, Got snowed in with intermittent power outages, so I couldn't test/tweak like I wanted to this past week. Finally got it done and updated the Campaign in User Files. Mission 4 - completely overhauled the way the laser targeting works (i.e. - got rid of the duct tape solution), and it should now correctly target the rigs. Also tweaked the AI and they should (hopefully) drop their bombs. Mission 7 - The Airbase name in the Mission Editor was changed, which broke the scripting for determining the runway health. Fixed the script by updating it with th
  11. Thanks, glad you're enjoying it! To let everyone know, I've fixed the 3 missions with issues (missions 4, 7, and 8). I need to fully test them this week, but hopefully by this weekend or early next week they should be ready for upload. For Mission 7 (the infamous runway bombing mission) I've also added a radio option to immediately tell the health of the runway at any point in the mission. This will allow you to see what effect, if any, your bombing run had. I need to update the mission briefing to explain that new feature and specify the necessary HP level to advance the missi
  12. I'm glad you like the campaign! I'm not sure if I'll convert it to the -A. I'd either have to drop the -B completely (and I don't know if people would like that), or I'd have to support 4 campaigns (the -A with Super Carrier, the -A without SC, the -B with SC, and the -B without SC...and I know I wouldn't like that ). I kind of wish I'd split out the SC and non-SC uploads so I could if one had significantly more than the other. I feel like most people have the SC, but I don't know for sure. On a separate topic, I think I figured out solutions for all the issues I mentioned e
  13. Hahah, that's good to know. I love it when stuff starts working again. I'll still look at the mission again, as I know the AI wingmen are a little wonky, and I'd like to see if my new plan for the laser actually works. Thanks for letting me know!
  14. Hello guys and gals, sorry for the long delay, but I'm reading through the issues now. I found the problem in Mission 7 when dropping bombs. The official name of the airbase in the Mission Editor apparently changed at some point. I tweaked the script, and it seems to be working fine in my test. I still need to play through the entire mission to make sure it's working. I'll also reduce the amount of damage needed to trigger the success, since that seemed to be a problem, too. I haven't looked at Mission 8, but I'll take a gander and see what's up with the launching parameters.
  15. Glad it helped! I don't think I tried it with an SA-6, but when I played with the Hawk batteries, they had a tough time hitting all 4. I think in one of my tests one of the decoys actually hit the ground despite multiple launches against it. So (at least several months ago), the Hawk SAM system would thoroughly engage. Good luck with it!
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