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  1. Maybe it's an attempt to re-populate the Navy with Tomcats!
  2. One of my favourite sims was Janes F-15E,so I was really excited to see it was in development,but that excitement is quickly waning now, so much so that I'm pretty sure I won't be buying it.
  3. Looks like a dot label to me
  4. As jcdata said by the late 90's early 2000's all models of F-14's were fitted with DFCS
  5. One thing to remember is that was done before probe induced yaw was added which makes things a little different.
  6. I'm using 442.40 with TrackIR and have no problems.
  7. Received my mounts today. Was looking forward to getting it set up over the weekend, but I had an email from Monstertech warning me not to use the screws provided for the stick mount as they are too long and may damage the PCB! They are sending some correct length ones plus some nuts for the throttle so I'll have to wait a bit longer.
  8. From main screen go to options then gameplay, on the right of the screen is Labels drop down menu, use dot only.
  9. I can't be sure but it looks as if he is using dot labels.
  10. Whatever it is I hope it's not too soon! I would rather see them concentrate on fixing and finishing what we already have.
  11. It's a no from me as well. If you you want those weapons the Hornet is what you want. The F-14 only ever used dumb bombs in their various guises or LGB iirc which is why I prefer it, it's more about flying than lots of different systems. It is for me anyway.
  12. I've just remembered that when I first started DCS I set up a simple mission just to fly around and get a feel for the F-14, so I set unlimited fuel and of I went. After a few runs up valleys and using afterburner just to see how fast it would go the master caution light came on and panic set in thinking I'd broken something! It turned out to be bingo fuel warning! somehow I activated the fuel dump. So with the F-14 at least you can dump fuel to get to trap weight even with unlimited fuel. Just thought I'd mention it.
  13. I think in the end if ED thinks it may make money, they'll do it whatever the Poll says. While I would like to see it eventually, for the present I don't think they should add anything new at all. Just fix and complete what we already have even if it takes a year or more and maybe look at things like this again then.
  14. @ BIGNEWY You are right of course and tbh it's serving no useful purpose now.
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