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  1. Merci pour la précision
  2. u re right , it works now ! so yes it's a bug
  3. Hi, in the spitifire's mission "Train Strafe" the train is invisible.
  4. Hi, i notice a issue with the BF109's spinner, it's disappear and reappears in alternate very fast. I can't take a pic to show you the effect.
  5. xShin37x


    AWESOME JOB ! is it just a skin for the old B17 mod or a new b17 mod ?
  6. hi, maybe u already know this issue but i don't remember have seen that before. best regard
  7. Hi guys, do u have information for this issue for the Spitfire and others ? and too for the plane's reflect in sea ? thx a lot
  8. hey, it would be nice to have new sounds, personally I do not play with the CEII because of really rotten sounds. It s in WiP since may 2019... Was it abandoned?
  9. Hi 6S.Duke did you see my video without the MB339? did that help you? best regards
  10. sound problem Hi, thx for the MB-339A but there is always a problem of sound. When I'm in spitfire with the pass view, it adds the sound of the M339 ( same thing with the new version ) It would be cool to fix the problem. I make a youtube video. Best regards
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