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  1. Since a few updates ago, the dedicated server can’t be seen by me or friends after starting it (I have confirmed the port 10308 is open to outside connections to the server with yougetsignal, server and clients are updated and uPNP also on and it is visible on DCS active servers list, just not the server browser). Even IP connection doesn’t work, and I can’t even see it even though my PC and the server PC are both connected to an Ethernet switch. Any ideas to at least get my PC to see it, let alone anyone else’s? I even completely turned off the server’s windows firewall for a test a
  2. Hopefully Vulkan is truly coming this year and this mod will be deprecated. But in the meantime Kegetys is still the best mod!
  3. Thank you for the feedback. There is probably one more iteration before it is perfect.
  4. Not at all! I completely understand the apprehension to use mods, but I’m also confident RAZBAM will fix the issue officially, so no worries
  5. Here's a fun comparison I made really quick. I further adjusted value to -1.55. Altitude, dive angle, range to target, and speed are all quite close between these two attack runs, and both targets were engaged just as the pipper begins to unwind.. Sorry about the low quality, I'll try to make a better video on a full mission later. If you open in new window and zoom in you can see the target only takes one shot to explode on the right, and lefty never hits the target with the current code.
  6. Well obviously you’re not under duress to try my fix. If you’d rather wait for RAZBAM to acknowledge the issue, more power to you. Plus, ELMO changed this thread to investigating since I posted yesterday. So I really don't think you have reason to be nervous. I got tired of the broken pipper. My fix is not going to be enough for long-term since it doesn’t pass IC anyway.
  7. After testing in a mission with a few different max ranges entered, basically the pipper behaves as it used to before the adjustment of the gunpod in one of these last patches. Rounds land closer to the center of the pipper consistently with my modification, but I definitely want to hear what others have to say.
  8. It doesn't seem like it will affect other profiles because they seem to be in different lua files. For example the file I edited is only for the gun HUD. Am doing some testing missions as I type this so will report back. Thank you for the quick response and forward Elmo.
  9. Hi folks, I think I found a possible solution to this (which likely breaks IC), line 11 of Mods/AV8BNA/Cockpit/HUD/indicator/AG/AG_Page_01.lua reads: gun_boresight.controllers = {{"hud_waterline", -1.2 * HUD_SCALE}} I had a gut feeling that the 'hud_waterline' refers to the center X value of the boresight, and the second value is the Y. By adjusting the number downwards, away from zero, appears to pull the pipper's boresight up and thus fixes this repeatable error in the gun pipper. I have NOT done extensive testing, but a valu
  10. Hi guys, I'm a bit behind, is the original kegetys shader working correctly with current OB or do we need to use the Taz tree fix version provided by speed-of-heat? thanks for your help as always
  11. in my opinion features like this should have a special options toggle, at least until finished. it’s extremely hard to deal with in its current WIP state. just spent two days trying to diagnose this awful stick jitter back to center, literally seems more like a bug than a feature, would really like this one removed completely. Figured it must be a bug and rebound all of my controls twice
  12. This graph continues indefinitely - those single frame spikes to 30ms happen almost on a clock. I have diagnosed external processes extensively, and I watch Process Lasso like a hawk as the stutters happen and can't find anything that may be causing it. I have also relegated all processes related to VR to cores 4-7, and DCS to cores 0-3. Didn't help. I also reinstalled Windows completely to try to fix this, and the exact same stutter occurs again, with literally only DCS and drivers installed. I have no idea where to turn now. It's really frustrating that it runs completely fine at 5ms unti
  13. When I fly on the syria map, my CPU frametime will increase from <10ms to 35-40ms for a frame or two every few seconds. Other maps don't have the problem at all. I have tried the low terrain textures suggestion but the stutters continue.
  14. Hi, Much of the time when I go to download from the new DCS CDN there is a hard limit of 2.5MB/s, especially when downloading large files. It also likes to drop down to 0.0MB/s at times then ramp back up to the hard cap of 2.5MB/s. I just tested my speed while downloading and I have 120MB (NOT megabits) download speed so it's clearly a DCS issue. I am in the southwest USA.
  15. Yeah my -54s go dumb about half the time and all INS guided only want to drop really close even if I am high up.
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