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  1. Thank you Wisky, replacing them will be the way to do it then, it makes perfect sense though if you had 8 TOOs 10 minutes before but only 3 new targets to replace, you will still have 5 "wrong" TOOs to cycle through if you are not careful but it is really a minor inconvenience.
  2. My apologies, everything works correctly as it was an error on my part as i did not use the IR cool switch apparently because when I prepare the IR Mavericks on the ground and activate it, they get ready on time so let me take back my previous post, I have no issues with weapon selection.
  3. I would be interested as well to know if it is possible to delete target points or mark points. As it is what i try to do is to use markpoints if i have too many TOO or TOOs from a previous and distant target zone (which makes cycling between targets less practical as you approach for a multiple jdam release pass). If we can delete old targets TOOs to make it cleaner and faster to cycle between the new targets TOO or if it is possible to replace the old targets TOO with the new targets, it would be useful.
  4. I had the issue twice online, my IR Mav refused to be ready, normally you wait 60 seconds and you can uncage them, but here i couldnt find a way to get them ready, they remained in standby forever. I think that it is possible that it is because i re-armed on the carrier after a sortie the second time, i dont think i had the chocks on and engine off when it loaded the IR MAvs. The loadout was 2 IR Mavs, 2 Jdams, lightning, ecm and gun pod, 2 sidearms. When the carrier is turning, sometimes the ground chief tells " hey what are you doing?" even though you are stationary, so perhaps this could mess up the weapon loading? Or else i may be unaware of a crucial step to get them ready? I select AG mode, master arm on, box the IR Mav in the stores menu, click the tone option in the lower left above the STBY or RDY status then I start the stopwatch waiting for 60 seconds before i can uncage.
  5. I have the same issue, using AMD RX5700 with latest drivers. I actually have another unrelated problem though it happens since we got the new clouds : I almost cannot see anything in the TGP/TPod , like no ground targets at all using modules that have it ( A10cII, Harrier, F18 ) , unless there are no clouds above the terrain. This second issue is far more serious because the black sprites are rare and only last maybe 2 or max 3 seconds for me whereas the second issue prevents me to use these modules online for ground attack unless i know the targets coordinates. Thank you for considering this, i did not know where to post the second issue despite searching for it but i rarely post unless i have a problem and this is quite a problem. All the best.
  6. Still, even if the 2000c was not comparable to a Mirage 2000D for A2G (with cruise missiles Scalp, Apache, Laser targeting pod, capable of carrying all conventional bombs in the arsenal etc), from what I know it still had an air-to-ground radar mode which shows that perhaps it was not only just an interceptor in the mind of the designers. I would really like to see this ground radar function implemented in DCS at some point. Though to be fair, if Razbam would consider time better spent to make another Mirage version sold separately, like for a 2000-5 or 2000D, I would love that even more.
  7. The loadout I talked about does not carry any Magic or S530D.. ;) 8 Beluga or Snake eyes + 2 Rocket pods + either a fuel tank or 2 GBU or 1 more Beluga/Mk82 on the center pylon. BTW I did not analyze anything :) I just said that compared to a dedicated A2G aircraft like the Viggen, the Mirage can carry more ordnance for A2G to sum it up in one sentence as even if the Viggen can carry many bombs if not more with a specific loadout, it cannot release them in pairs (which allows to strike at more different targets in different locations) The Viggen is indeed much better at what it has been designed to do (deep strikes), more accurate in delivery, clearly better range, guided missiles, higher survivability for doing tricky A2G missions since it can fly very low for a long time despite not having integrated chaffs/flares. I wasn't arguing that really, I was just saying that the Mirage is far from being incapable in that department ( as is usually stated in forums) and in the context of this game (lets face it, it is huge simplification of reality), the Mirage can consistently achieve more ground kills per sortie potentially (with a dedicated A2G loadout) which can make it "superior" in a different way, particularly when attacking areas that were cleared of SAMs beforehand and contain many soft targets that you can freely attack once you destroyed the hard targets with bombs. By the way, isn't the Mirage supposed to have an air-to-ground radar mode as well? somehow it is not the sim yet :)
  8. Well with the Mirage I use only CCIP personally, it is much more accurate. This said I disagree that the Viggen (as much as I love it) is really superior to the Mirage in A2G. Look at it this way : In the Mirage I can carry 9 Beluga 66 And 2 Rocket pods (or 8 Beluga + 2 GBU). Plus i have my internal A2G canons which can cause a lot of damage and are super accurate and can destroy things with a micro burst of less than one second with the right angle... Believe it or not with this loadout I regularly destroy 10+ targets per sorties (and sometimes even a bit more like 15+ if i am very effective/accurate with rockets and canons and depending the type of targets), that is almost A10 Warthog territory. No way I can do that in a Viggen.. you've got a more limited amount of pylons and no internal guns. What the Viggen has over the Mirage is indeed a more accurate CCRP, guided missiles like Rb75(Mavericks) and a fantastic anti-ship capability (comparable to our Super Etendard with Exocet missiles) , but in terms of pure destructive power, the Mirage is actually better in A2G in my opinion. For the Harrier it makes sense since it was designed for A2G... but still with its absolutely terrible range/combat radius, unless you air refuel or fly at the stalling limit, you often need to waste 2 pylons for fuel tanks for any realistic mission so... Anyways, this is just my opinion. I agree that it would be really great if the Mirage gets more fixes for the issues mentioned above, CCRP accuracy and INS updates, would be great alongside an updated cockpit.
  9. For having sat often in a real ULM, I can say for sure that the spotting implementation in DCS could be improved because IRL spotting is definitely easier than what it is in the game in certain conditions. For instance when zooming at max in DCS, I can see contacts better than how i can see them in real life against the sky from a distance ( but i see better IRL a white aircraft against the green grass fields) , however if i unzoom a bit, at some point they suddenly completely disappear in DCS instead of this being more progressive. This should not happen because in real, when you focus on something and clearly spot it, once you stop focusing on it, you still somewhat see it as your eyes/brain "know" it is there so you can still see that small detail or dot moving in the background. But I 've never been in a fast jet, I can imagine that trying to spot planes that have camouflage flying super fast or against the terrain must be very, very difficult even for a trained eye. ED had to balance things but if i can wish for an improvement , it would be the progressive aspect of spotting, the contacts should not totally disappear if you reduce your zoom once you've already spotted them, unless they suddenly go against the terrain and have camouflage or you get blinded by the sun or any other cause that would make sense for suddenly losing sight IMHO like light reflections or being disoriented or suddenly taking too many G's.
  10. Is a dynamic campaign really priority if the AI standard is low and you can't even spot it properly (visibility) in WVR though? IMO the lack of dynamic campaign is not "game breaking" like visibility or too simplified AI flight models and super detection abilities can be. Vulkan could also improve performances for many people too, bringing potentially more customers as well, the kind of people who did not have a very powerful computer like most of us have to run DCS online smoothly.
  11. Hopefully the next Mig21 cockpit update comes out soon, I would really like to see this aircraft given more love in the updates.
  12. For the keyboard binds, the fix that they provided works for me, i can now assign the keybinds i want on the keyboard. I am surprised that it does not work for some people. For the missiles selection, i don't think it is a bug. You have to press " PCA select" on your hotas, and then you can either select your Magic missile on the hotas, or select your S530d missiles. Magics or canons can only be selected on the Hotas. I think that it is a feature as it is apparently how it is done in the real version of the Mirage. There is a bug with the helmet visor. When you select Magic missiles, it puts your visor down which gives a darker view. I found that when you are on the ground, if you select the Magic missiles first (on the ground) and only then, ask the ground crew to setup your visor, the bug is fixed. For bombing, you must use special mode forward to go into CCIP mode. Honestly Murdock, the Mirage is perfectly playable at the moment, i spend most of the night flying it on GAW and it works well. The NVG work too, i could use them but I did not find how to increase or decrease the sensitivity of it. I don't know if they fixed the radar altimeter bug yet though (used to kill my fps near hills or populated areas) but since i changed my GPU and CPU, I did not encounter this bug somehow.
  13. I would really like to see major improvemens to the AI too as a priority. The single player experience is the core of the sim and the AI quality should be brought to a higher standard. Their detection range should be seriously looked at (as well as their use of the laws of physics) because if one is being honest, that is the main weakness of DCS which is a fantastic simulation but negatively affected by the state of its AI.
  14. There is a specific test of that on youtube, with 6 different contacts of varying sizes and the result is that the Mirage has exactly the same detection range as the simplified F15 radar of FC3 despite both radar being completely different and from different manufacturers. The difference of 1nm that he recorded is because it took him 1-2 seconds to look down and record when the Mirage spotted the aircraft, but basically it feels like "copy/paste" of range detection. Maybe the rest is different or something changed very recently I dont know. Maybe Razbam did not have access to such data initially which could explain why the detection range is identical as FC3's F15.
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