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  1. Winner for the Jambock Squadron category. Hands down the best skin available for the Jambocks.
  2. I thinks there's no difference at all, judging by the last video review on Youtube, the mechanics and astetics are the same that the TPR that I bought and currently use here in Brazil. If am not mistaken, this matter about world wide version and normal version some it's about the warranty and currency only.
  3. I'm using this one only for DCS World and just WOW! in terms of map loading and no hiccups/freezes at all. Less than 12secs for all DCS Maps and modules (offline missions). https://www.amazon.com/BLACK-SN750-500GB-Internal-Gaming/dp/B07MC2Q81D?th=1
  4. That's the same feel that I always had with the first version (last batch). Recently I sold my old one and got the WarBRD base that IMO it's way better in terms of precision and I don't have to use extensions anymore Maybe the WarBRD gimbal design eliminates this because now I don't notice the problem.:)
  5. Those black dots in the glass of the Kiowa is just dirt or it's some "work arround" to have some kind of "gunsight" for aim the guns and rockets? I always wonder how the Kiowa pilots aim their guns in combat.
  6. I thought just to grease up parts that the cams race/move on. But I don't know what kind of grease I should use By Tapatalk + Samsung S9
  7. I have the same problem, I don't use any extensions and change the springs to the soft one and I also get this "clunk" while moving the axis. I made a post here recently trying to get some help about the kind of grease that I could use to make a maintenance but nobody cares about the "old" Virpil hardware anymore. Let's see if you'll be fortunate. By Tapatalk + Samsung S9
  8. Thought was my G533 wireless headset but it's not. All my other sims and games are working good but since the last uptades the sounds stop and came back after 3 or 5 seconds, very weird situation that I've never experienced befor in DCS.
  9. Hi guys.:) After a year of use it's time to do some maintenance work on my T-50 Base (last batch). On the the bearings and cam (race) surfaces it's noticiable some dark grease and I wonder if it's some kind of NLGI-1 or 2 grease type. Can I use one of this two for this purpose? Thanks!
  10. Well, got my new monitor, a Dell S2716DG and yesterday I had plentty of time to run some tests. At least for myself, using the Gsync + TrackIR without limiting my FPS to 62FPS with the RivaTuner it gets a little stutter, a little but it exist. BUT I noticed this only happens because you can't get constant 120/100FPS in DCS World and in other modern Sims (tested on IL-2 BoS also), BUT the trick is to use the RivaTuner and set the max FPS to 62, so with a good hardware setup you'll be able to hold at least the 60FPS sweet spot. Now I'm enjoying a perfect gameplay without any stutter, at least when my setup can hold more than 55/60 FPS, thing that unfortunately I can't on Normandy map and some parts of the Nevada and Persian Gulf, but it's not a problem at all. Hope this help you guys.:thumbup:
  11. Got my Dell S2716DG yesterday and just did some fast tests with DCS World and IL-2 BoS. For DCS World I tried the F-16 PG map mission (forgot the name, is the one that you start dealing with the F-5E) and without any change on gamma or other settings on the monitor I found a little better to spot the Tigers when they are climbing, but when they are coming down to the sea doing evasive maneuvers it's still hard and also they are using dark skins. Overall I liked the results, as I said I'm still testing some features but the new QHD resolution definitely helps a little the target spotting.:thumbup: https://ibb.co/h98J8JM
  12. Yes, please and thanks. Do I need to be more polite?:joystick: I had a TUSBA for a couple years and it gave an extra life for my TQS and reduced the spikes on the old pots. A replica F-16 throttle by Realsimulator would be very welcomed and I would definitely "fight" against my fiancee for one unit. Who needs a Samsung washing machine for the appartment when you can have a F-16 TQS from Realsimulator? :lol:
  13. My current Benq monitor is fullhd and capable of 144mhz but for stable FPS with my current setup I followed this guy instructions. Hello Vu733, "TIR is working at 120Hz (camera) so in game, TIR is only smooth at 60fps or 120fps. If you want to play DCS with TIR, you have to cap DCS at 60 fps or 120fps. On my rig, TIR is smooth between 60 and 62fps. After many many hours of test, today I cap DCS at 62fps with Nvidia Inspector. In game sometimes fps drop between 61 and 62 (only because of fps capping which is not steady, in fact with no capping, my fps are always above 80fps)." Try this with Nvidia Inspector or Riva Tuner. I'll be able to post my results in two or three weeks. By Tapatalk + Samsung S9
  14. So far my FPS is locked at 62 with RT and I'll leave this setting+Gsync ON when my Dell monitor arrive. I'll do some test and post the results here. By Tapatalk + Samsung S9
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