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  1. I wish for it mate. Controlling TF51 is amazing with touch controllers. Every now and then I love to hop in TF just only for that. I still use my hardware pedals, but stick movements is so nice and makes a control of plane feel like real. When we had Christmas free planes - not having this feature was a deal breaker for me, and I didn't bought Spitfire because of that. I still use HOTAS on modernish planes and AKULA, but WW2 planes is "must have" touch controls me think with some adjustments to use weapons and radio. Hope they will put more time on this type of controls, as VTOL VR sales
  2. As I remember (I'm at work right now, sorry) In right lower corner there is "CONT" buttons - they will help you to change contract. In Left lower corner there is GAIN button - that gains brightness of text(not sure) and on upper left corner there is "day/night" buttons that changes (guess it?) Day/night mode. Do not know what "SYM" button does. Hope that will help.
  3. Bless you mate! That worked! also found some files to make a standard head position in "Saved Games" folder! Thank you!
  4. Sorry for poor audio. They made a fix for "save head position". Now I need every time manually move my head to front to match my seat with virtual seat and re=center. But Default position of "Virtual Pilot" is wrong. I have Oculus CV1.
  5. I told it once I will repeat it again. I'm not on this threds popular side but I tried body on other modules and it was even more weird: I had body that was holding stick and throttle and I had my touch controlled hands. I bet that would take a huge amount of work to make body that will exploit ability of newer VR sets with full body motion tracking. And if you do not use full motion tracking you will see that weird movement of your arms you have in VR games. If you use something like mouse or other ways to click your cockpit stuff - that will even more make that weird when your hand st
  6. Default centered position makes it to close to front panel and quite difficult to operate some stuff and also now my Akulas stick and sit matches my real sit and stick(adds more immersion to my VR flight) It looks like not hard thing to fix mirror position. It's quite immersion killer to see insides of choper. Mirrors can be used more than just cheking your six: my dummy wingmans sometimes crashes into ridges if I fly to close to edge of the hill/mountain and ABRIS do not make that 3D situational awareness to help me out, also I do check my flare dispensers as it's much easier to m
  7. Hello guys! I have an microproblem. My mirrors looks half way inside helicopter. As I fly in vr I moved my pilot at maximum back as it feels nice to see seat as same as feel it, but because of that my mirrors looks abit down, I still can use 'em but I need to lean almost over the stick to get my wingmans in view. Is there something I can do with that? Or is there some sort of settings to adjust them? As vr arrived in our lifes - mirrors became quite essential, at least for me. Thank you in advance for any information given!
  8. Windows defender found a Trojan virus in AV8B module in last openbeta update: Can someone explain me that? Is it a new age of Russian spying for my own money?
  9. Shadow of floating hands will do and sometimes needed. But I do not think that pilots body will be an selling point, just thing that some people may use.
  10. Yeah, I'll tell you more thought, me play only in VR. Can not stand 2d flights anymore. :) I tried one of the pilots on other module and wasn't impressed. Floating hands is my choice.
  11. And when your left hand grabs upsidedown throttle - you move flight stick aswel with left hand. Spent 30s after update in module before exiting it. Like stable version of MiG21 but modules like Ka50 is better on openbeta. Updates usually comes no often than every week - what means MiG21 module not flyeble for as minimum as next 7 days. Did ED force Magnitude 3 LLC to implement VR throttle and stick controls? I hope they going to bring miniupdate tomorrow or today to fix that s.....
  12. I'm not on popular side, but me so like to see only floating hands without body. Having empty seat is more than enough.
  13. You can adjust brightness for you NV googles. Flir have two modes and In public beta it's usable and comfortable for me in VR. On my point of view AV8 B is weapon platform not a plane, you need NVg to bring that platform to a range of weapons to be released - after, you will have your sensors for awareness and completion of your task, no nvg needs to be used.
  14. Skopikus

    Landing gear.

    All point in DCS manuals is to read them. Manuals are in your DCS folder. There is all main things to do. Spent some time on a toilet reading it from your mobile = profit will know why breaks not working from time to time and there is a switch that turns on super-duper abs system, that works better than parachute, and many many more info.
  15. Very interesting and mainly fresh opinion. what do you think about that "new" Quake 2 game?
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