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  1. mrmat01

    model kits

    I have already started my DCS model collection.
  2. Just to show it wasn't a fluke.
  3. I was wondering if anyone gets this after exiting DCS & then restarting it. I have to go into the task manager & kill the DCS updater. Please see picture
  4. :mad: dcs.log tempMission.miz
  5. Just installed the Channel map. Crashed almost straight away. This is getting really bad & extremely frustrating. DCS Is becoming unplayable. dcs.log LastMissionTrack.trk
  6. 5.8 is the latest It is found under anubis-hercules-release on the discord. Just under #dcs-chat.
  7. Still no response ???:noexpression:
  8. Still happening :mad::censored: Updated DCS an hour ago. :unsure: dcs.log LastMissionTrack.zip
  9. Still going on. But now it is becoming more consistent. :cry: LastMissionTrack.trk dcs.log
  10. Crashing to reboot It is not consistent it may go a day or so without doing it. Started happening after last update. Seem to do it most when in the map view (F-10) or mission editor when zooming out or in. Has done it on Caucasus , Syria Persian Gulf & Nevada maps. Have not tried it on the others. I Have no mods installed all drivers are up to date. Display driver 456.71 dcs.log dcs.log
  11. Mach loop is in the UK. I think you mean Star Wars Canyon. Which is called Rainbow Canyon in California, USA. & No it is not on the Nevada map.
  12. :puke::imho::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:
  13. [*]Privacy options, disable external social networks: By default I guess, currently this forum page without any embedded external media, links to google-analytics, google advertisments (doubleclick), youtube, facebook, twitter and yandex sharing some kind of activity with them or just pinging those sites for no reason & without consent, not that the whole web doesn't do that pretty much, but we don't need to do it here, right? No we don't!
  14. Can we go back to the old forum please. This is most unpleasant to look at. It is quite drab not easy to read at all. What happened to the emojis ? In fact I've only been looking at it for 5 mins & I'm starting to get a headache, Why was it changed in the 1st place there was nothing wrong with the old one compared to this. I'm sorry but this is horrible. God this is horrible! Why on earth is every thing so small & squashed together?
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