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  1. Yeah, I do that as well but would love a cleaner solution
  2. I was looking to see if I had missed something for us VR-heads. Guess not. I'll be insterested to see if you can get VS(? voice Attack) to do this.
  3. OK, now I'm confussed more that normal. Will have to go and play with it in DCS. I'm assuming that "Anti-Clockwise" is turning it away from you when seated. Thanks for the response.
  4. As Eugel said, you need the drivers but not necessarily TARGET. TARGET is optional, and depending on what games you play and how you use it, learning TARGET may or my not be worth the effort. I use it and have found it is worthwhile to me. I also play ELite Dangerous and have a profile for that as well as profiles for IL-1 Battel of xxx series. The drivers probably are Windows drivers and should be fine. As to the firmware, they should already have the latest version. TARGET can tell you what version. As for the "unsmoothness" that would be mechanical, software would not impact that. You should be able to verify that by moving the throttle when the computer is shut down. Can you describe the "unsmoothness" a little more? Does it "stick" or make any type of noise?
  5. I have a question associated with the application of the decals/labels to the TCS Plus as shown in the manual. The manual has you rotating the throttle all the way to the right. This is MAX throttle as I understand it. The first label applied is the Increase label with an arrow pointing to the left. This seems backwards to me The only response I got on the Virpil forums implied that it is/was based on the Huey throttle. That makes sense to a degree. All the images I could find of the Huey shows the label with increase pointing in the same direction as the Virpil supplied labels. However, those also show/indicate it is for the throttle FRICTION, and not operation of the throttle itself. The throttle friction on the RL Huey is at the top and not the bottom like the TCS Plus. What am I missing.
  6. I see to be getting the same results. I have only tried removing SteamVR home at this point. I do see a drop in GPU RAM allocation of about 1.7 GM but in DCS (Blue FLag Caucus 80's) fpsVR reported 9.7 GB allocation in both cases. frame times and cpu times seemed similar. I also didn't notice a reduction in shimmer/ghosting. I also notice that with SteamVR Home loaded, fpsVR reported a drop in GPU RAM allocation when loading DCS. This implies that SteamVR Home doesn't stay in memory when a game is loaded. Bottom line- What am I missing/doing wrong?
  7. I'm one of the lucky ones, and never really had a issue with motion sickness in VR. I have a G2 and am very pleased with it. One thing that others have mention that really can impact VR sickness is the refresh rate./fps. If your rig can't push enough FPS then you will have to lower settings or risk getting sick. the 3080 Ti is plenty for the G2. I don't have a clue as to the Pimax 8K. Good luck.
  8. I'm getting the same error, and don't see this campaign listed on the e-shop. I need to do more research. Hummm, This is the second item I have purchased for DCS that in the end got flushed in some manner. To be fair, neither is ED fault or issue. And in the second case, I still have the product, it's just that a lot have it for free.
  9. This is my understanding as well. Also with AMD's FSR that is non-GPU brand specific that would seem more likely.
  10. LOL Sorry testing for me caused you some lost time. I'm just starting down the road of scripting for DCS, learning Lua and C++, so I think that I will have many more such "moments"
  11. As an early adopter (I think mine was in the mid-20s) I can not agree more. Haven't stopped using since the week I got it. Thanks again MilesD.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I think I have learned to double check the names in DCS ME to make sure there are not trailing spaces.
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