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  1. This is the "Hunter/Killer" team used in the F-4G Wild Weasel era. Originally, when the F-4G started taking over for the F-105G's, the USAF began pairing an F-4G with an F-4E carrying AGM-45 Shrikes and AGM-78 Standard ARMs in the early days, then AGM-88's later on. The F-4G would seek out the SAM sites, and lure them into tracking the Wild Weasel. They would give the target site to the F-4E, who would prosecute the attack and (hopefully) destroy or damage the radar. When the F-4E Phantoms were retired, the F-16's took over the role of the killer in the team. I worked on F-105G and F-4E and F-4G fire control radar systems at George AFB, California in the 1980's. We were testing the early AGM-88 prototypes on the China Lake Navy ranges in the late 1980's, as well as on Crow Range in the Philippines. Fun times.
  2. Were you able to roll the driver back to the previous version (471.68 on my system)? Did that fix the flickering?
  3. I like the Hind crew standing beside the cockpits, roasting marshmallows. Just like back in camp.
  4. Yes, it would be nice if you included your server's info so we could find it...
  5. Maybe you can post your suspect mission file here and let some of us try to reproduce the hang.
  6. I guess we'll need to learn to do SEAD/DEAD like they do in the real world, down low, using terrain masking, hunter-killer teams, and we really need the HTS for the F-16C.
  7. The most important issue that people still on Windows 7 will face is no more security patches. Any vulnerabilities in the operating system (and we know there are many) will stay unpatched, and will make everyone still on Windows 7 vulnerable to attacks. People should do themselves a favor and upgrade to a supported version.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to compile and post this info, I know the effort wasn't trivial. I'm running the RTX 2070 Super, and plan on trying out your recommendations. I'll make an attempt to post back here after my experiments.
  9. Actually, it's not strange. On the F-4E, the AN/APQ-120 radar tracked (pulse) and illuminated (CW) the target through the same feedhorn on the antenna. The RF from the CW klystron transmitter was sent through a high-power RF circulator that isolated the receiver and the pulse transmitter magnetron from the CW rf. Of course, the F-4 was shooting AIM-7's, not AIM-54's, but the SARH mode is identical (AIM-7's don't have the DL capability, and neither did the APQ-120).
  10. I'm running the latest OB version,, and I am unable to see or place my aircraft mods (A-4E-C, F-22A, etc.) in the Mission Editor. I can see the aircraft on the main menu, just not in the drop down in the Mission Editor. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. I worked on F-4E Phantoms in the 70's and 80's and our alert aircraft were aligned in place on the alert pad, and the position information stored. When they had to scramble for an intercept, the pilots used the HDG MEM mode during the INS alignment, which transferred the stored position information. The INS still had to warm up, but it normally took less than a minute, rather than the 3 to 4 minutes a normal alignment would take. By the time both engines were running, and all pins and down-locks were removed, the jets were ready to roll out of the alert pad and onto the runway. This was all with the AN/ASN-63, the same INS used in F-4D, F-4E, and F-4G Phantoms until the late 70's, early 80's, when the AN/ARN-101 Digital INS installations started with the F-4G's. I'm sure they had essentially instant (or nearly so) alignment.
  12. Congratulations, and good fortune!
  13. Definitely keep the mini-updates coming. I love the WIP stuff!
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