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  1. I just received a gift from my Son for the Supper Carrier but I have already paid for Pre-Purchase last month. What do we do ?
  2. Again I want to thank you for this most useful, or essential piece of software. Coupled with "VoiceAttack" for coms they make me cockpit come alive, and improves the flying experience tenfold. With hi regards ,Shad
  3. Still no Remote or even Local Web GUI ???? Have I missed some News ??
  4. I up grade from a Ryzen 1600 to a RZ 3600x today so I let you know. Actually it was just delivered. 3000 series has much improved single core performance. The Ryzen 1600 was a "good" upgrade from my previous i5-3750k @ 3.9GHz I will be reusing my GA AX370-Gamang_K7 + FlareX 3200 450 or 470 makes good sense for up-to 3600/3700 3700/3700x and above MIGHT be better served by the 570 chipset. Their not as expansive as I had expected them to be.
  5. Same issue here. Can't control the server either local or remotely. Has there been official acknowledgement of the issue ? Found it under Bugs & problems ..........
  6. When editing .lua files, or any editable game file, remember to use an editor like "Notepad++"
  7. Thats how mine were also before . I only made the usual changes to AMPCD_init.lua , MDG_stokesDef.lua & RWR_ALR67_init.lua (plus "shaderLineDrawAsWire = true") The RWR is now spindly but stil a WIP
  8. Are we the only one to care. That's the problem with the world today, not enough people care :helpsmilie:
  9. For those with crazy font or fuzz on their RWR export try this, its not a perfect fix but a step better then it was for me. shaderLineParamsUpdatable = true shaderLineDefaultThickness = 8.0 --0.8 shaderLineDefaultFuzziness = 2.0 --0.4 shaderLineDrawAsWire = true --false <-------------- Draw as wire shaderLineUseSpecularPass = true Good Hunting.........Shad
  10. I'm shore at least two of those pilots had been drinking.
  11. So I have just installed Persian Gulf & US map on our server while I was logged in with my account, is this the process. AS I haven't seen it discussed any where or any guides/info.
  12. Hi Mustang , I have just skipped through this thread and its seems you have put many many hours and muck of you blood, sweet & tears into this mod , most of the screen shots I saw look brilliant. Have you textured any of the empty map areas ? Thanks for your work , I'll have to give it a try. Shad
  13. Very nice Blue. Inspiration to get a workbench setup again.
  14. Having been away from the editor for a good many years I also found your post helpful,,,:thumbup: Thanks....Shad
  15. Yep that was it. Thanks I now need to remember what clashed with Areo Desktop. Never Ending Story
  16. I couldn't see any errors And Event Viewer is not helpful either.
  17. Hi I'm new to Helios and encountered a "Control Center has stopped working" (App crash CLR20r3) apon trying to start the Control Center. Editor seems to work without any apparent problem, and I have created a simple profile with it. Is there any known issues with a clean Win 7 (SP1 only) Thanks
  18. You don't have to ! So don't.
  19. The Radio Channel and/or frequency is only the "Carrier" actual data is encrypted
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