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  1. The flight model is, of course, not perfect. It feels pretty decent in large portions of the envelope, but some things I'm not so sure about. E.g. takeoff with dry thrust is very precarious, but from what I've been told is how they usually took off from a decent runway. Also stall behaviour seems way too nice. The Viggen was susceptible to a (recoverable) superstall at AOA around 30 deg or so, but in DCS this is not the case.
  2. I'm most definitely in something of an auto camp. It could be implemented like if you fly in the general vicinity, like a mile or so, of the tanker you get the gas. That way you still have to manage your fuel, find the tanker, and join up. I.e. you have to handle all aspects except the close formation flying. I don't think many of the "learning aids" you guys are discussing would help much. When I see people struggling with AAR it's because of PIO, not because they don't know where they should be. Especially when we're talking basket. Perhaps the boom operator could be more talkative and actu
  3. You really shouldn't focus on anything but the tanker. That way it doesn't matter how much the tanker is banking, or doing whatever. The horizon is just a distraction that might tempt you to level your wings.
  4. Well, when DirectX is finally abandoned in favour of Vulkan, the largest hurdle should already be out of the way. When that's done I really can't see any reason for Windows exclusivity. But it wouldn't surprise me if the people at ED actually like Windows, seeing as DCS is already Windows only, they are used to Windows, etc. Then again the VR business might complicate things, with WMR and whatnot. I, for one, bought a new SSD and a Windows license only for DCS. I'd rather have given ED that money for making a Linux build. Anyway, I predict one day Windows itself will run on Linux.
  5. If I understand your problem correctly. You just need to add a keybind in the VR section for resetting the view. Adjust Controls -> Go to VR something in the drop down menus -> add a key for resetting the view. Then just look straight ahead and press that key.
  6. Seeing as an increasing number of people are using VR in DCS, I couldn't disagree more. Even with top of the line hardware it's not possible to run DCS with high graphics settings in VR and get acceptable frame rates. So I'd like the focus to be more on optimisation and less on eye candy.
  7. I've noticed that you really need to fly very low to get any kind of effect on water as well. I don't know how low exactly and can't test right now but about 2-3 feet maybe? If memory serves the effect appears just before you submerge the fuel tank on the viggen (which by the way isn't a big deal).
  8. Check out this excellent video on DCS antialiasing.
  9. You don't want DCS to be an arcade game, but you propose unlimited fuel as an option to some sort of easy mode AAR? That doesn't make any sense. I also think your fear that more options would somehow make DCS more arcade is totally irrational. This would be a great feature for the group I fly with. We always have a few new guys or veterans flying new modules. Easy aar would allow for the person hosting the weekly mission to disregard whether person A can reliably refuel module B and focus on making the most interesting mission. Meanwhile in the real world I'm sure manual AAR will be obsolet
  10. The F-14 has a landing autopilot. For the carrier, no less. As you have noticed bombing autopilot is a thing too, it's called a GBU. Anyway, I can't see any harm in it. I wouldn't use it, as I can refuel all my modules, but if someone wants it I can't see why not.
  11. Well, maybe some people can't invest that sort of time, i.e. 5 years, to learn a very particular skill. Those people might still enjoy most other aspects of DCS. I don't think it's wise to exclude them. I know lots of people struggle with AAR, but they might otherwise be pretty proficient in their aircraft. I'd still enjoy flying missions with them if they "cheated" at the tanker. Maybe they are really committed to learning AAR, but are only 3 years into their 5 year learning period. Let them have it says I. You know, one could make the argument that if it takes you 5 years to learn how to
  12. Katj

    Aged look

    Back in 1980 they were all new, and the DCS model is pretty much based on museum artifacts. I don't personally mind the worn look much, but I can understand if some people think they overdid it.
  13. Please try enabling MFAA and report back! It should be easy on performance.
  14. I'm also in the process of tuning my system for my g2. Everything in the cockpit is very readable, but I'm not really happy with what's outside. This is my first vr headset so perhaps my expectations were too high, but I can't really see a reason for far away stuff being blurry while stuff in the cockpit is very crisp. Anyway, I haven't had the time to thoroughly test this, but I sacrificed some supersampling and added 2x in-game MSAA in combination with Nvidia control panel MFAA (multi frame AA), and I think it looked very promising. It just dawned upon me that the correct way to tune this
  15. One thing that caught my ear was that he claimed to have reached Mach 2.35, which is way faster than what I've heard from other pilots. The F-14D guy ("Oral" was it?) Mover interviewed before said something like Mach 1.6 if I don't misremember. While I imagine that an A directly from the production line is the faster bird, the difference seems rather big. It's almost as if most pilots didn't actually go for a clean max speed run. (Not that surprising) So, do you think 2.35 was actually feasible with an operational aircraft? What's your personal best in terms of Mach?
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