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  1. May I bring up 2 more ideas: 1: It is possible at high speeds and high thrust settings that the local speed of sound is reached at the engines, eventhough the aircraft itself is well below sonic speed. This could cause a disruption of airflow, that might cause a compressor stall. A drop in local speed of sound could be caused by a drop in temperature due to venturi in front of the compressor stage / intake. This drop in temperature causes a rise of the local mach number. If the air in front of the engine now reaches sonic speed, a shockwave is formed that might dis
  2. Just to make sure: Are you using "Mic switch forward" to contact tower with your VHF AM radio?
  3. Hello, I know this would be mostly just cosmetic, but I'm missing the flight bag on the dashboard for a long time already. And now with the new cockpit model in place it would be the perfect time for a mod like this. I was wondering if there is a talented modder, who would be interested in helping me to create these (or at least pointing me in the right direction how to insert 3D models into the cockpit and how to get the measurements correct). I found a mod for the Hornet with cockpit modifications that can be loaded on "station 5" via the loadout menu. (https://www.digitalcombatsi
  4. As far as I know, some VFA's not only have a CAG bird (Commander Air Group), but also a CO bird (Commanding Officer) which is x01.
  5. Hello community, As you may or may not know, I uploaded quite a few livery packs for the A-10C and F/A-18C so far and now I want to use the forum to make a wishlist, so I can create the stuff that you guys want. The requirement to get on the list of future projects is, that it should be a livery that is/was used in real life on that specific aircraft type. Feel free to post any wishes for future skin packs down below. The following lists will be updated regularly. Wishlist: VMFA-333 (F/A-18C) VFA-102 (F-14B) Released: A-10C: 25th FS Assam Dr
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