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  1. Should be for the early Blk as well. To include the bullet fairing also!
  2. Very nice! You even got the helmets right for that time. Cannot wait until HB finishes the TCS options!
  3. At least give the man the why! To say one is better than the other and not offer him a proper example to your claim is just adolescent bro! Don't be that guy! Kick-ass statement bro!
  4. The F-14 is super fun and if you want a real man's airplane, then that is the way to go! Neither one is easy! You have a very steep learning curve if it has in fact, only been a month and a half into DCS. The F-16 is fun but the tech in it has a learning/patience/time curve. You still have a lot to learn with the F-14 but it takes patience and repetition to handle her. You will spend hours trying to feel her out aerodynamically! You cannot just simply bend her around in the air without consequences. In the F-16 you will spend hours learning the systems. She's fun and it is rewarding whe
  5. This is something I could get behind, except between Syria, the PG map and the NTTR, that's a lot of desert! I'm looking forward to the Marianas map specifically for a change of scenery. That's just me though! Other than that, I'm down lol.
  6. Special Weapons Command? I'm afraid it just doesn't work like that IRL! Sounds like some cowboy stuff!
  7. Wikipedia is not a good source dude!
  8. This is the case of "I want what I want" and nothing else. Screw what the USAF F-16 Blk50 that ED is trying to simulate, we want options! Sounds like "Pimp my ride"! For those that think some want to purposefully derail your fun, you are wrong. If ED decides whatever, tomorrows a new day either way. Whatever's on or off of the real jet is what should be (within sim limits), not what could be. You can get too deep into the rabbit hole with that kind of liberal thinking! Next thing you know, we have laser beams on our simulated jet. This is about "Our dream is to offer the most authentic an
  9. Bro, sadly, it seems some of our brethren do not care about SME's or anyone else's inputs. How do you argue for realism/like systems (just look in the forums) and yet want something else? Look at all of the turn rate/G-force/flight dynamics post from guys as if they've flown the real thing! Yet, when it comes to a weapons system that they want or how much more ordnance that they can pack on a jet, realism goes out of the window. This is hypocrisy! Either DCS is as close to realism as possible, or it turns into something else! I hope that ED can provide some kind of "proof" that these guys are
  10. Weather they remove/add them now or later, people will still complain. Better to be done with it either way! It is still in beta so they can add or take away whatever. The bigger picture is not with the HARM and Maverick itself. This is about those that want realism and those that want to arcade it up!
  11. I read what you said bro. It was still a valid question! I believe ED has their stuff together is all. If speaking here has no value, then why are we here? I've read the same things you have. I didn't see it as spam. I saw it as collective input. Information can come from a variety of sources. I post in the Supercarrier forum all the time as that was my craft. We are all here to help (most of us) is my point! And again, I trust the ED process. I'm sure they are not so dumb to get burned again! Oh I believe it bro!
  12. So, what you are saying is: you want to see the credentials that these people you speak of, are in fact in the Military and work on said system? There is a lot of current and ex-mil here. I'm sure none us would lie about that kind of thing. We are passionate about our former or current craft. If in fact that is what you are asking, how do you propose to see said credentials? And I can't speak for anyone else here but, I have never seen any of ED's SME's credentials! Or any other Devs SME's for that matter! I just trust the process!
  13. That's situational. It happens IRL. Don't rely on what you see in a video. The trap animations do need improving though!
  14. Well, so is football bro! UFC fighting is JUST a competition! You still have to work up to it all! I've got a weight lifting competition coming. By your logic, I should just walk in and the magic happens. Negative! There are levels to anything you do in life, DCS is no different! It may be just a computer simulation, but that is just a sad attitude to take and say, "let's make it appeal to the lowest person so that everyone can play"! They should want to work up to it if it means that much to them! When these phantom people we are talking about get tired of Ace Combat or whatever it is t
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