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  1. That's not the rudder, it's the entire vertical stab fluttering with low speed buffeting. That sort of thing used to be a significant problem with the Hornet and was causing stress fractures on the stab joints. The fin vanes above the LEX were added to calm it down.
  2. Just tried it on the new 2.7 Stable, which should be the same as Open Beta and didn't have any trouble. Picked them up at about 50nm.
  3. That's not strictly speaking true. Enough of the DFCS can be powered by the battery to give you full control over the aircraft, and even if the full electrical system quits you can fly the plane in MECH mode without any electrical power at all. The bigger problem is hydraulic pressure. If neither engine is turning the hydraulic system will loose pressure pretty quickly, and without hydraulics to move the control surfaces the aircraft will be completely uncontrollable. But this is all moot right now, as the Hornet has a very very simple damage model in DCS. My assumption is that th
  4. In DCS all the moving map displays use the map overlay graphics in the appropriate scales that are baked into the terrain by the developer. In the case of Syria, Ugra only have a single map scale included at the moment, so that's what you see. Some other maps are missing certain scales in certain areas of the map, usually along the edges.
  5. The radar altimeter will not function beyond 45° of pitch or bank, as it looks downward from the bottom of the aircraft. If it can't see the ground, it can't give you altitude.
  6. What mode are you running the FLIR in? Have you done a TDC depress to command designation?
  7. The "Radio Usage When Contact" option does not seem to have any effect on AI wingmen in 2.7. Not only is it annoying to have to listen to my wingman call out contacts non-stop for 10 minutes straight, it is overpowering scripted mission-critical radio transmissions in my missions and making it significantly more difficult to give the wingman orders. No matter what I set the option to, it has no effect on his communication at all. (As an aside, how the hell is he seeing an armored target 150 miles away anyway? I want whatever sensor he's got)
  8. Well, at least it's evidence it's being worked on. Hopefully it means actual function is close at hand.
  9. JSOW-B never made it out of testing. A few hundred were made but from what I've been able to find there were significant technical problems that they were not able to correct. Since the BLU-108/B is a known entity and the other JSOW variants have been successful, my assumption is that there were problems with the dispersal out of the JSOW that could not be corrected. It went over budget and deadline and got canned. I'm not sure if the final production version of the JSOW-C actually ended up with a data-link and min-in-the-middle targeting. The IIR sensor in the nose is configured
  10. You're allowed to post the name of the manual here, just not a link to it or any portion of it. "Page 212" is not a useful page number, aircraft manuals aren't numbered that way. Checking my copy of the F-16CJ-1 the PDF page 212 leads to manual page 2-20, which is refueling and landing procedures. So which manual, and manual page number, are you looking at?
  11. Only MAN and BYPASS are implemented right now. No SEMi or AUTO.
  12. Yup, it's been crazy sensitive and useless since the initial EA launch years ago. I hope it gets addressed at some point. If I ever use AUTO ball-and-chain bombing I just fly the cursor over the target and hold weapon release, instead of trying to slew it with the TDC.
  13. The waypoints themselves are just points in space with no "size" exactly. Different aircraft with auto waypoint advancing have different rules that determine when the waypoint is switched. Typically you need to be within a certain distance and distance needs to switch from increasing rather than decreasing. I usually just switch manually all the time, that way I can begin my turn out in front of the waypoint and not overshoot the flight plan.
  14. It's not quite that expensive: https://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/
  15. Yup, the DCS CMS is true to the HAF dash34, with the addition of EMC controls. I'm not sure where BMS got their info from or if it's any more accurate to a USAF jet or not. In DCS the slap switch dispenses Program 5. Program 6 is used for Bypass mode, I'm not sure if that's a real label or if that's just the way it's coded in DCS because it is entered after the slap switch in the file. In DCS Auto and Semi draw from a different set of programs that are not able to be edited in the jet. I would assume that this is true in the real jet as well, as I don't know how the s
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