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  1. Prova creare un collegamento simbolico
  2. I would like to change with the m2000c, is possible? thanks
  3. Hello everyone I do not want to be rude but the next time you do a poll it would be better to give more information, because at the beginning I understood that it was completely paid for the news. Later I understood that part of the IADS will still be usable by everyone, only the graphical user interface will be able to use it only who purchased the module. At this point I have a doubt about the ECM modes how will they be faced?
  4. SIG [A101] Debo MiG-21
  5. Name: [sIG A101] Debo Squadron : Sim Italia Games Country: Italy
  6. Event: 1v1 Contact person Discord ID: ARIETE 1-1 | SIG Debo#8774 Aircraft Selection: F-16 Pilots:SIG Debo Country: Italy
  7. if you pull 8g why the bombs and fuel tank dont will be damaged or detached?
  8. Nick= ARIETE 1-1 | SIG Debo F/A18c possible to switch Red side on jf-17
  9. Si usa le api della ED, per il discorso radar vede esattamente come dovrebbe vedere un radar in linea generale.
  10. Concordo su tutto, a mio parere il trainer jet meglio sviluppato in dcs.
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