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  1. GTX 10xx series works better with 442.19-442.74. Magic benefit of latest drivers with no latest gpu series is a placebo. Nvidia doesn't mind improving the experience with older gpu's. They prefer you buy a more recent model
  2. I saw huge performance drop for an instant when, in dogfight, bullets hit on enemy's aircraft. It's only me or is normal? Every other flight is fine. Good performance, never below 60fps. Only issue when new damage model is processing.
  3. Thanks, the solution was worked and now him is flying! Thanks again
  4. Hi. A friend of mine had a problem. He can install the mod and he can see listed on instant action and add on a mission. But when goes to cabin, he goes directly to f10 view and when he changes the view, there's no cockpit on f1. try delete saved games/dcs to regenerate everything w/o any mod and no way to get it work. What can he try? thanks
  5. Hi. take this video to show the flickering that occurs. As you can see, when my partner turns on the taxi light, it starts blinking. when you turn it off, stop doing it dcs.log
  6. Hi. I use the normal axis for the rudder and two virtual axes for brakes using the same main axis. In general, when the brake operates at low speeds, the rudder has no interference and at high speeds it is the other way around. In airplanes with differential brake I use a joystick axis and in modern airplanes where the nws is activated manually, it does not interfere with me either. All the configuration I do from the vkb program.
  7. rivatuner statistics server have seteable fps limiter. it works on vr
  8. Copy from my post on fb: "hi, i've proved different combinations to get the way to understand the variables of vr performance. mostly used fpsvr to check cpu and gpu frametime and the most perfirmance killer was the shadows. even in only flat, cpu goes down (with everything in low to minimize gpu usage). cpu graphic turn to red with >30 and fps drop to 27. gpu varies with other settings, but cpu show low usage but too slow. it does no change if mhz is 3600 or 4200. so, with shadows off, everything goes like charm, with both fpsvr graphics in yellow/green. is there any way to reduce shad
  9. For sure wmr do not recognize the enviroment. due a change of reference point. That usualy passed me when i'd change from wheel drive to hotas or vice versa. you must reconfigure wmr as seat position (it's fast and easy)
  10. Sorry if is has been answered yet, but where is the landing gear sound?
  11. 425.31? i'm using that. but i think the problem is the usb 3.0 drivers
  12. Hi. did you try with the public beta software of oculus?
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