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  1. In the UK there are a number of companies selling 40 / 8 Al extrusion. The company that I use most often is KJN. I've also bought some spare parts like slot pieces on Amazon... easy if you know what you are looking for. Link to KJN: https://www.aluminium-profile.co.uk/ir-range-compatible-with-item-profile/ir-range-aluminium-profile (You need their IR range to be compatible with Monstertech, not the BR range which is Bosch and uses different base dimensions). If you are US based there are plenty of companies doing the same stuff. Do a search for "8 slot aluminium extrusions" and dig around from there.
  2. Thank you AeroGator. I am fine with the delay. I appreciate the the pandemic has made logistics planning even more complicated than it usually is. Realistically it sounds like it could be a considerable wait yet before these parts hit Europe. It is just nice to know what is going on; I got a buddy planning to travel to Europe from the States later this year, so it might be easier to ask him to take some things in his luggage for me.
  3. That is what I need: thank you very much.
  4. I just played with the curves until I got something that I like to use. You understand how to do that in DCS right? (If not I can point you in the right direction).
  5. More of a question than a bug: I use VR, but sometimes I want to start DCS in 2D on my monitor. Is there a way of starting the application and choosing which output (VR or monitor) to run the application. I am using the Eagle Dynamics client (not Steam). And I am on DCS Open Beta, if that makes any difference or not. I think this would be a really useful feature if it does not exist already. Thank you.
  6. I believe that customs handling is waived if under GBP135 from the EU. I know that since the UK / Japan free trade deal, duty is not being charged on baskets under that GBP135 hurdle from stuff coming from Japan, as I recently tried it. (Buying one of these beauties)
  7. I've gotta say it... I am really disappointed by the poor customer service from VKB Europe: 7 July sent and email to VKB Europe asking when to expect availability of these grip stands which were already available for sale on the VKB North America webstore. This email was ignored / no response. So I posted on the Eagle Dynamics forum. Response from Aerogator saying that he would pass a message on to VKB Europe. Still no response from VKB Europe. So about a week ago now I raised another enquiry via the VKB Europe website. I am still being ignored. I get that there is a pandemic going on and global supply chains are all messed up. But these parts are available in the US have have been for at least a month now. Maybe the European distributer knows that the parts are on a container and expected to arrive in August 2021 or whatever. Maybe you don't know. Would it hurt to communicate with your existing customers?
  8. I am very happy to hear about this new partnership between Truegrit and Heatblur. If you bother to do something, do it right. And it shows maturity to ask others for help when you need it. There was a negative comment earlier about "flying computer". Although negative, it was also a legitimate point. Part of the interest of DCS is to experience simulations of military aviation at different points of development / different times in history. So I hope that Heatblur will continue to allocate resources and bandwidth to the development of historically important and interesting aircraft from pre-flying computer years. Viggen and Tomcat are both stand out modules for that mix of "cutting edge old tech"... you can almost smell the valves warming up when starting up the Viggen. And the shakin' of the Tomcat pulling just over 15 AOA in a tight turn and pitching in with rudder... just outstanding. There is room and interest for the Eurofighter, for sure. You can tell by the weight of hyped comments. I am excited for it too. Just also saying that I enjoy the mid-tech too. Things like the F-4 Phantom variants, the A-6 Intruder, the IDS / GR.4, The S.2 Buccaneer. Anyways, congratulations to you both. Good luck. Take your time and do it right. Oh... and get Meteor involved again too!
  9. That is great. He's a great guy... if he is on the case then that is good news.
  10. I'd like to see a tutorial on datalink.
  11. Available in USA now. EU availability? Did send an email to ask VKB Europe last week (7th July), but they failed to respond.
  12. I am running a 5800X with a 3090 and 32GB. Works very well.
  13. Eduard at VKB Europe got back to my question direct to him: expected in approximately two months. I think we should all treat this as a best faith estimate, not a promise. (Thanks StreakEagle: I saw your display rack... nice job. I do have woodwork skills and a workshop, but I'd rather the neat VKB stands once they are available.)
  14. Like this: https://flightsimcontrols.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/MCGU-5.jpg Can we buy these... I have multiple grips and would like something neat like this display stand to arrange spare grips on my bookshelf.
  15. I'll wait for the slow boat from China. Plus a grip without Z-axis / rudder control.
  16. Coming from Rift S to Reverb G2, my impressions: G2 image quality on sweet spot much improved. G2 colours, much improved G2 rays and shimmer, much improved G2 frame rates, with beefy hardware much improved G2 sound quality, miles better G2 microphone, it works well. Rift S microphone useless. But, G2 comfort, worse G2 sweet spot, smaller but perhaps so noticeable because it is so clear in the sweet spot. This was a surprise and disappointment to me given the rave reviews from the Youtubers given preview units. G2 tracking in DCS, worse. Not a deal breaker, but not as clear as the Rift S when looking down at cockpit Manual IPD does not make much difference to me. FOV not noticeably different. G2 much, much more demanding on hardware. G2 is an significant upgrade from the Rift S for sure, but not the tour de force that I hoped it would be. Especially given the development time between the Rift S and G2 and the price differential. Plus the whole launch bollox of the G2 definitely soured the experience for me.
  17. 1) Not out of the question: just compromised. 2) Get a new bigger PC case. Of course, this is extra expense that you might not want to spend. Upgrade point: true. 50% G2 equivalent to G1: is it? (I just to have a Rift S, but have no experience of the G1). Why: poorer lens? Just as demanding on hardware on comparable basis though.
  18. In which case why have a G2...? You'd be better off with an Index or Rift S or something less demanding.
  19. Not sure if you read this thread... worth reading as there is some data comparing the new top four cards against the 2080 Ti. Also some discussion on fps stability and VRAM limitiations.
  20. What a charmer. There. That wasn't so difficult was it? Plenty of people in the community - including me - are more than happy to help others in areas where they know more about a particular subject. I have no prior experience of helicopters, but I though I would ask seeing as you appeared to know what you were talking about. Yet when I see you dismiss Virpil's new products by saying ... ... and then I look at your suggestions from Pro Flight Trainer and Komodo which look like cheaper materials and manufacturing than Virpil and more expensive than your "<$300 or don't bother" comment no wonder why you made the "google is your friend" comment. You really didn't have any value added after all.
  21. No, I don't think you do need 90 fps. As someone earlier said the consistency of the frames is probably just as important as the average fps itself (within reason). I think mileage varies person to person, but for me at least 40 fps with consistency is good enough. However, I am prepared to sacrifice some quality options to get higher consistent fps now that I have a high refresh VR headset with the G2. And I just managed to buy a 6900 XT for delivery in a few days should I should be able to share my experience with that to forum users. Upgrading from a 2080 Ti. (And yes, I know, I know... Hardware Unboxed and everybody including their goldfish have said that the 6900 XT is poor value and it can't do DLSS or raytracing anywhere like Ampere. My only gaming application is DCS and I have the money to upgrade from 6800 XT despite the poor marginal fps return on investment.)
  22. VR... try it. But to get good smooth high definition results on a G2 you will need top shelf PC equipment: Ryzen 5000 or >5GHz late gen Intel, 32GB of fast low latency RAM and either 6800 XT, 3090 or 6900 XT. So it gets expensive to do it well. In reality we could do with stronger GPUs than even what Ampere and NAVI 2 are offering us... you still need to turn settings down considerably to get 90 fps. But with the right kit VR is good... really good.
  23. You didn't name, names... can you suggest one of the better small volume alternatives and one of the better replica standard options, please. Not trolling, but interested in the alternatives to this Virpil solution.
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