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  1. I have the same issue, i got my copy over a year ago and it don't show up in payments.
  2. If not already try turning off\on HT ( Hyperthread ) in the bios some games don't like it were some do.
  3. I'd die without mine... Honest. One of those things once you had it you know you'l miss it.
  4. hehe will not be getting a 295 not with the 300 range \5xxx coming soonish. But yes the 8.12 drivers i found the best too. Well i was able to max it out with the 4870 until played a none instant mission then it was lagy as hell. It's a shame to think they just rebuilt the game engine and still have a such flaw still. Well i believe they rebuilt it could be wrong there. but it's a major problem i think. I do know i will not buy another of their games till it's been fixed thats for sure....
  5. I think it's here some one was saying nVidia is the best for this game what you think ?. I picked up a 4870 a few weeks ago but did not seem like it was enough. and yes i know about BS being CPU dependent ( Dam shame that is ). I'm easy either way ATI or nVidia and please no fanboy BS.
  6. With the Apache i don't care which version of it lol..
  7. I used to use TIR4 with a 20" Sammy and it was cool just that take your time with it as it takes time to tweak it. Although bigger the screen the better lol. O yeah watch out for motion sickness some people get it some don't..
  8. Have a read of this thread... http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=39454
  9. Sooo no one knows then ?.. Like dammit i just want a AH-64 added to the game so can get some same craft COOP.. And as seen as i was not much for Janes which went poof years ago it's been to long already. Last time i played a Apache on a computer was in 1995. Wish they kept the forums up with more detail on what there planing and doing as to me the KA-50 suck compared too although thought i try it and it's not my thing lol.
  10. I heared a few things around here that there's going be a AH-64A. My question is if it be a addon to BS or a new game ?.
  11. I've started to get this error now too.. One thing for sure it's not due o heat as my 4870 only hits 65c for the regs and 50c ish for GPU. My problem started when i changed from my Samsung 204B to a larger 37" TV panel. How ever it did work for about 4 days then just stopped. Game just crashes on startup and never actually makes it into game. EDIT: Typical as i decided to post i got it working by re selecting ratio and monitor res. I changed it to the wrong res and ratio then changed it back and all good now :). Maybe the file got corrupted or some thing ?.
  12. Sweet, Any chance you could edit this so it would work with a 1600x1200 and another 1600x1200 or\and 1600x1200 and 1280x1024. Then at least i will have one system setup then lol. I tried all last week it just made me mad at it and had enough of trying to get it right at the moment lol.
  13. Just notice that within the TrackIR software a news update on the release of BS. New TrackIR Enhanced Games Be sure to check out all of the new TrackIR supported games, including GRID, iRacing, FreeSpace 2 Open, Beyond the Red Line, Project Torque, Euro Truck Simulator, and—releasing on October 17th—the highly anticipated DCS: Black Shark. I thought it was due this next month ?. Even though it's out already lol
  14. I use joystick and leaning towards the monitor to zoom in with TIR4. If i remember correctly the default zoom is the numpad / and *. And what i do is put them on the joystick so i zoom in with those buttons then lean towards the monitor. There is a zoom for the camera if you look but cannot help you with that as i do not remember what it's called or the default button is lol.
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