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  1. Hello, I tried last days to use the Type-200A in CCIP mode. Sometimes the type200 agreed to be dropped and other times not. I was never able to have a shooting authorization when I was doing a pop-up. The only times they left were when I was level flight. Is there any tricks or something special to use it on CCIP Mode ? Thanks
  2. Hello, I would like to script IA heading change. Do you know where can i find information about ? Thanks
  3. 4 points: 1) It is impossible for lightning to occur with stratus clouds. It's will be great if you fix it. 2) Have real thunderstorm clouds, the cumulonimbus with significant vertical development. 3) Have Cirrus clouds 4) Have the clouds at the same position with others players
  4. Since the last OB update, i can't assign the axis X and Y to the Alidade (not Alidada :megalol: ). Is it a bug or a choice ? Because it was very usefull with the 802AKG in the terminale phase. Regards
  5. Hello, I didn't understood why it was so difficult to get a visual on a aircraft. So i did a test. Here how i can see a aircraft at 1NM Is it normal ? How can i improve my visual range ? (can't buy other glasses ...) Regards
  6. Hi, I don't understand why when i try to put a command center, skynet doesn't work. here my code: Thanks for your help
  7. I saw in the last changelog "Add HNS initial implementation". What will you add on the Hybrib Navigation System ? Regards
  8. B is for Big not Beacon https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4429377&postcount=6 I will do some checks tonight on a network server with all mode A/A. We will see what it gives.
  9. all my tests was done in the A/A-B mode.
  10. Unfortunately not. I tested with a tanker and a second JF17. Each had their own channel. 10X for the tanker and 1Y for the JF. For the tanker, it's work perfectly, but nothing received from the second JF. Yet if I put myself on the second JF channel, i can hear the correct morse code. But nothing on my HSD, neither on 1Y nor on 64Y.
  11. I come back to you, because i don't receive tacan distance from others fighters when a put +/- 63 . Could you confirm it's work for the JF-17?
  12. Thanks for the video. The Tomcats used 2X channel and i switched my tacan on 2X ... It was my mistake. But if they used 2X A/A T/R, i have to set 65X . Is that correct ?
  13. Hello, Yesterday we did a trainind with a F14 team and we tried to use the tacan to localize the Tomcats. I was a bit confuse, because it was impossible to receive any Tacan. We tried all modes, but nothing. How i must set my tacan to receive the signal ? It's work for tankers but not for Tomcats Regards
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