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  1. After powering on the AGM-88C and selecting POS on the WPN page, the TTG number changes to a ridiculously high number. Once you select RUK mode on the WPN page, TTG disappears from the HUD and will not reappear afterwards, no matter what config is selected. I am unable to save a track.
  2. The procedure is as follows: -If you are using TIR(or other head tracking), pause it or turn it off. -Center the view by pressing NumPad 5.(by default) -Use NumPad 8 to raise(tilt up) your POV. -Pressing RAlt+NumPad 0 will save the new POV as default center. When you reactivate TrackIR, it should center on your new view.
  3. If you consider the center of the screen is "where you are looking". Note the quotes. As far as your point as to VR doing it correctly; Vr centers the view to where you are looking, whereas there is no way for the software to know where you are actually looking on a 2D display. Head tracking tracks your head, not your eyes.
  4. The procedure is as follows: -If you are using TIR(or other head tracking), pause it or turn it off. -Center the view by pressing NumPad 5.(by default) -Use NumPad 8 to raise your POV. -Pressing RAlt+NumPad 0 will save the new POV as default center.
  5. These are your screenshots, to which I have added a cross over the center of the screen. In the first screenshot, you can clearly see that the HMD crosshair is centered on the screen, if you consider that the center of the screen is "where you are looking", then you are looking below the VVI. In the second screenshot, both are centered, thus "correct". The center of view for the HUD and HMD cursor coincide. The fact that you can not see your HMDs on the screen at the same time is a "side effect" of being on center. The default view being "lower than center" is a way of permitting con
  6. It should be the same keys as if you were to take a screenshot in Windows, and there is no visual cue, in-game, that shows that a screenshot has been taken. Screenshots should be found in your Saved Games folder: (e.g.) C:\[user]\Saved Games\DCS[.openbeta]\Screenshots Hope this helps.
  7. Slight addendum, the UHF squelch can not be mouse-clicked either, but is triggered by clicking on the UHF tone switch.
  8. The Status button on the UHF radio is not mouse clickable. It can, however, be set to a keybind. A10C_UHF_Status_button.trk
  9. When the 'MAL & IND LTS' are set to DIM, if you turn the console flood light knob to the maximum brightness, or close to the max, the 'MAL & IND LTS' revert to the brightest setting. If you then click and hold the switch towards the DIM position, they go dim but upon release of the switch, they revert to the bright setting. If you lower the brightness of the console flood lights enough, it is possible to set the 'MAL & IND LTS' back to DIM setting. When the 'MAL & IND LTS' are set to DIM, if you turn the primary 'INST PNL' knob all the way to the minimum, the 'MAL & I
  10. The track file is 23mb after 4 minutes in the mission. Since the max size of a track file upload is 5mb, I simply can't upload it to confirm the issue. Attached is a screenshot of the mission debrief where you may notice, at 2:04:37, the "AN/ALE-47 container failure" just prior to Colt 1's(player) death. No mods and fresh repair. If you can tell me a way to send an oversized track file, I will gladly upload one.
  11. Yes, I have checked to see if this was the case and no luck on that front. I can start the F-16C in any other mission without issues, but not this particular mission. It's as if I am being hit by invisible weapon fire.
  12. I tried playing this mission a few times last night but kept blowing up spontaneously before the end of INS alignment. I figured I was making an error and decided to move along. Tonight, I tried again, same results. The nose of the aircraft jumps around a few times and the plane explodes. I just tried again(auto start this time) to grab a track, but I can't upload it here because the file is too big. I don't think that is is pilot error. :smilewink:
  13. Thanks for your reply. Thanks also for specifics as to not finishing with 100 success. The reason I try to get 100 in missions is simple; first of all, there are not many DLC Campains and I really enjoy them, so I like to get everything I can out of them. I also feel that if I missed something in a mission and try again, it is only helping me become a better sim pilot. I somehow thought that Wolf 1 opening fire, or the cars not making it to the checkpoint was the reason for success being 90. Now I can move on to mission 2. Thank you.
  14. I have flown this mission many times, 15 at least, and am unable to complete it with 100% success. I ALWAYS stay behind WOLF 1 and ALWAYS leave my gunners on HOLD. I am quite frustrated because: each time I must wait 13 minutes on the tarmac(that is hours of total wait time(and yes, I know that I can use ctrl+z))and fly pointlessly to the carrier group and back(hours of pointless flying) before being able to see if WOLF 1 will, again, open fire without reason. I feel like I am wasting a lot of my sim time on this mission. I am not a ME expert, but why are there multiple confl
  15. Thanks for checking. I just tried the mission again, before seing your latest reply, and Wolf 1 actually opened fire on a static object on the river bank, before arriving at the first bridge(a flag, I think). I guess I'll wait for the next update before going through the cigar thing again.
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