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  1. Hey guys, any news? Can we expect something for this month?
  2. I bet it Would still come first than the F-8.
  3. Hi, i just made a fix for the Encyclopedia if you would like to add it to the base download on next version. It ain't much but it's honest work lol https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JalFxnJBoZjJtT-8xm0g_LhWEdLqLrgf?usp=sharing
  4. Indeed a great job. I would love to have it as AI too or as a playable using SU-25T cockpit. It would be very close to the real thing i guess. But dont give up on the FF mod.
  5. I was using it incorrectly. I just went for a tutorial and spotted my mistake. Was trying to operate it like i do in the JF17 TPOD.
  6. Solved. it was a Operator issue lol
  7. im having trouble with TDC and TPOD. its not moving up and down. Any one else?
  8. LCO489

    F-5E re-WORK

    Hi. Any news on the cockpit rework?
  9. Hiromachi, will there be any other fixes/updates along with radar fix? Could you guys update the changelog topic with it? Thx
  10. Voted yes, but i think if with the F-15E arrival would it be capable to perform air-to-air just like the F-15 or no?
  11. Maybe someday, but its not today. Another OB patch without fixes for the MiG-21.
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