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  1. I dont know if this is a bug or if i am just doing somthing wrong but since i brought the F-14 a few days ago I cant get it to launch off the catapults of any aircraft carriers no matter what i do even after i removed all my mods and reinstalled it it still wont work
  2. i apologize if someone already asked this and just didnt see it is there a way to make custom cargo pods for the C-130?
  3. the auto rudder on the p-47 is broken and has been since update which makes it very hard for me to fly as i dont have rudder pedals i dont know if its a bug or just me but i figured i should probably report it
  4. do these work in the latest open beta?
  5. yeah i use it because i dont have rudder pedals and i dont like the twist grip on my joystick
  6. after the latest big update the auto rudder on the p-47 seems to be broken for me. is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?
  7. i edited the LUA file and got it flying properly thanks for the help:)
  8. its not the auto rudder or takeoff assist settings i have both of those turned off. i dont think the speical settings menu is working for me. because i tryed messing with the trim in that menu just to test if it was working and it didnt do anything. and in the control settings the only thing bound to my rudder is my joystick twist grip could that be the problem?
  9. don't know if this is a bug of not but whenever i fly the yak it has a problem where the rudder is pulling the plane right. on the ground it is fine until i takeoff the rudder slowly starts moving right no matter what i do in the settings.:(
  10. does anyone know if these mods work in the latest version of 2.5.6?
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