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  1. Very good job, i'm really interested to see your results when ready.
  2. I think flight model is one of the most important problem to fix and i'm surprised and worried you work on it during your free time. I think all the people who play bfm is waiting for it.
  3. Was the turning performance fixed with this hotfix? Thanks
  4. Unfortunately Satrapa is dead in 2019 but i bought his book and i'm waiting to receive it
  5. Here is the source http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-detail-cp-d-pilot-02.htm
  6. At which hour the patch will be released? At the moment is still not available.
  7. The F14D's hud is very good, i would be happy to pay to buy the D version.
  8. Angelo i think you are a very kind and good person. I hope all this discussion make everybody think about how much rules are important. By my side if i'll meet somebody cheating in the future i think i'll change simply area of gaming to find someone else who play fair. I've deleted the post as for your request Thank you very much for everything you do Ciao, Massimo
  9. My darling Thurst, first of all i don't need yours points and i don't want yours points at all: the only points i want, as everybody, are the ones i can gain when i score a kill, period. In air missiles and guns area i fight till the last bullet or i land or i disconnect because i must go. So if you say "copy flighter" with a big smile and then you do the opposite you are lying, period. I congratulate you because you are a phenomenon: you flight almost one hour in a area full of foe shooting missiles and nobody was able to kill you. In any case don't worry because you are n
  10. Hi Flighter Post edited as for your request
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