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  1. Long time ago, i've read or heard that you got help from ED for this. Is that true? Dont trust random rumor so want to check directly with you
  2. 2. Hit tdc depress, with a losange symbology on tgp, you should be able to move the tgp around
  3. This seem really cool, I would like to try it for naval ops, since for the time being its hard to sink ship with harpoon If i understand correctly , this tool allow me to save the damage done to that ship for the next mission? Correct?
  4. Hello, I really like those liveries for f18c with golden canopy but once in the cockpit they are clear: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304468/ Is it possible to make the canopy from the inside the same tint as the outside? And if so how? Totally new to this, i tried to open glass textures in f18c folder, but i couldnt make sense of all the colors in there, which dont correspond at what i see ingame Tried to take the one from f16c yellow glass texture, rename it same as f18c , and copy it inside f18c folder. Didnt work, same clear canopy as before
  5. Any info on changing brightness for landing night, as we see pretty much nothing in front of us, making it extra hard to taxi in dark
  6. An excellent module, very interesting and unique plane. Would just love to be able to use the plane at night with landing/taxi light which are too dim , nearly non existent And the scope for the viggen maverick which is way too bright, dont know if irl you can dim it or not Any possible ETA on those fix?
  7. Never answered, better late than never It was indeed an overclock of my ram that created those error
  8. Hello Do you know any docs to help create your own campaign?
  9. Hello, ground crew doesnt answer to request of rearm and refuel with f18c on tbilissi work fine on other airfield Tried with f18c and M-2k Steps to reproduce: Create a mission with airplane on tbilissi Start cold Start the airplane Call ground crew No answer It also happened on an another airfield, which i dont remember, someone will post it soon too in this thread Track and mission file are below: Good Luck and have a nice day ground crew bug.miz dcs.log rearm bug.trk
  10. Hello, Firstly, thanks for your farp mission on syria they are really great and greatly show one of the very interesting side of the viggen I did see on this mission AI taking off from the road and would like to know how you did that, so i can redo it in future SP mission Thanks for your answer
  11. Thanks in advance if you find the mission again, will start fiddling with ME again
  12. Hello i'm trying to make f-14 ai to launch TALD at sam but cant find a way to do it. Is it possible and if so, how?
  13. Do you know if there are any plan for new SAM site in dcs? More recent version of s-300? Or other SAM i'm not aware of?
  14. Hello i would like to create roadbase (like a sort of farp) in dcs. I saw a reddit post telling it is possible to put a farp underground, but for that you have to edit coordinate using script. Anyone can help me?
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