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  1. Same, I found an INS bug with the waypoints seq not moving (after confirming INS & waypoints still works in cold&dark), then found post #49 just now so will try that, but yes it seems there's still a bug.
  2. Hi again - IT WORKED! Magical repair, thank you so much. I also made it my first full VR mission, what a blast flying over the water and having nowhere to land, it's nowhere as relaxing as on a 2D monitor.
  3. Hi everyone, I've looked online but can't find it, just as a disclaimer, which is why I resort to posting here :) I've done the train yard mission 2x now, but am unsure what the primary target exactly is. I exploded trains, Flak guns, etc. But twice I flew back, and couldn't get past the button that says "End Mission" in the debrief. I can click it, it seems to animate as if I had clicked it, but it does nothing. All other buttons work - but I lose my progress. So I have to restart once again, but this time, before flying across the channel back and forth, I'd love to know what I have to hit! If anyone has done this and can tell me what it is I have to do, that would be great! Thanks in advance. Cheers! Christian
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