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  1. Nice combination truly, yet i quite fancy the ''VPC WarBRD Base+TM Hornet grip. I will be spending quality time in the F/A 18C, so that stick would be a solid choice. Kudos.
  2. Versatility is an important factor to consider, we don't all have unlimited funds, and profiling sticks and throttles is the name of the game. The 'One Stick does all' is being a little ambitious yes, but with a some forethought and careful choice, a stick can better earn its keep. I really don't want a pile of sticks, because we always naturally gravitate to what's practical, feels good and gets the job done.
  3. I think the combination of the 'Thrustmaster F-18 grip and WarBRD base' is a logical choice, having a familar grip whilst learning a fairly complex aircraft cant be a bad thing. Kudos.
  4. Thanks guys, all good advice. With TM making exclusive sticks for some aircraft, which makes choice a little simpler, and they can also be used on Virpil Bases, which is handy. Yet on Virpil's page they mention at the bottom of most of the sticks ''* Due to limitations of the TM bases, there maybe missing or limited functionality'', has anyone experienced this, and if so how has it effected their setups?. Regards.
  5. Just ordered the VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle which i'm pretty excited about to say the least. I'm learning the F/A 18-C at he moment, and need some advice on which would be the stick to get?. Am using the Hotas X at present, which has its limitations of course. Would the Thrustmaster F/A 18-C stick on a Virpil base be a good choice. PS: Will also be taking on the F-14B Tomcat at some time, so would i be best looking for an All round stick instead of something specific? Regards.
  6. And you posted your solution, very rare to see, its normally '' never mind fixed it''. Glad to hear it turned out well.
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