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  1. This is DCS, not real life. How useful do you honestly believe a Turboprop is going to be in DCS? Go into an MP server with a Turboprop and watch yourself get wrecked! Okay, so maybe someone would enjoy some SP CAS missions, and would benefit from the slow speed and loiter time afforded to a Turboprop, the fact is, Razbam has WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many projects in the oven. I work in game development, so I have probably a better idea of what is a reasonable number of active projects for a studio to be actively engaged in and trust me, having over 10 active projects for a studio the size of Razbam is insane! Especially when one considers the limited amount of resources they're reasonably likely to be able to be able to marshal both in terms of manpower and monetary resources. With all that in mind, a turboprop seems to me to be even more superfluous.
  2. For a tiny studio, you fellas take on waaaaaaay too many projects! Seriously, you'd really be well advised to trim things back a bit so as to get these projects out the door far sooner. It would be great if you put a bit more emphasis on the Mig-23, as we already have buckets of Western aircraft, there's already an F-15 (Sure, it's not full fidelity, but it's there nonetheless.) And a Turboprop? Really? C'mon!
  3. C'mon man, you accused me of spamming multiple messages, when I only responded to one post and then created my own so as not to hijack someone else post. I simply defended myself as opposed to accepting your spam accusation. I'm not trying to cause strife or be difficult here, but you could have just relayed the information rather than accuse me of filling the forum with spam. Nevertheless, thanks for the information, and the heads up about WW's absence. I do appreciate it. Take care and have a safe flight! :)
  4. Thanks a lot, pal. I appreciate the help. And I think you're probably right, they weren't expecting this level of interest in their products. I'm hoping more companies enter this market and really shake things up. It's been VKB, Virpil and TM for too long.
  5. Excuse me, what now? "Spam across multiple messages", you say. No need to be rude. You accusing me of spamming, which I most certainly am not. It's kind of funny, because I've only made one post aside from this one anywhere on the DCS Forum as far as I remember and it was to a thread from a user posting about having similar difficulty in contacting someone at Winwing, so that the user was aware he/she wasn't alone in experiencing the aforementioned issue. As is normal in forums, in case you were unaware how this whole forum thing works. It's hardly spam. And as opposed to completely hijacking another user's thread, I decided to created my own post to touch on my issue, in greater detail, Which is proper forum etiquette as I recall.
  6. As the titles suggests: Winwing has apparently decided to ghost me with no explanation as to why. The last message I received was in July and was told "Alex" (The person with whom I had been talking to) was away on business and would contact me within 24 hours. Then nothing, just total and absolute silence. I can get absolutely no response from anyone at Winwing, regardless of the email address used to send the messages or to what address I send them to. I've gone as far as creating a new email account on a friend's computer, just in case there is an issue on my end or my email account is for what ever reason blocked. Bare in mind, I'm being ghosted after having spent well over €1000 on Winwing products and having the desire to purchase more. I recently had wanted to purchase the "Take Off Panel " and "Combat Ready Panel" and possibly a second "Super Libra" Grip and base for Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen. I was originally really enthusiastic about Winwing and had decided to do my utmost to help Winwing get established in this market by not only spreading the word to friends and colleagues whom I thought would have an interest in such a product or possibly knew someone who does. I had gone as far as using my position in game publisher development studio to attempt to drum up a few sales. I even went as far a talking to some of my contacts in the industry to get the word out. My reward it seems is to be ignored completely, without even. the common courtesy of an explanation as to why. This is obviously no way to conduct business or to treat your customers, and I have to admit to being more than a little pissed off. Is anyone else having similar problems, or is it just me? Regards, -dfreeze25
  7. I've had the exact same problem: Complete radio silence, I was told that "Alex" was away on business and would contact me in 24 hours that was July 22 and not a word since. There had been total silence on their end, regardless of what email address I use to contact them with or what email address of theirs I'm attempting to contact. TBH this leaves are real bad taste in my mouth, after having spent over a Thousand bucks on equipment to no longer be able to contact someone from said company I purchased from.
  8. Merry Christmas, Razbam! I'm chomping at the bit for that sweet, sweeeeeeeeeet Mig-23! Just stop work on everything else, grab all the coffee you can find and please, pleeeeeeeeeeease give us that Mig-23!!!! Anyway, I wish you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous and happy new year! :)
  9. Hi there. Well, laser guided weapons are no longer finding their way to the target, but are instead acting like 'dumb bombs'. Also, the letters 'LSD' no longer flashes, neither does the laser code. Ah, okay. Well, it seems you might have solved my SPJ issue as I completely overlooked the possibility that there were hotas commands for it. Derp. Well, thanks for that anyway. :D This damned canopy jettison problem is really weird. Do you know if there are certain key commands to jettison the canopy? At least that way I could disable or reassign it.
  10. I'm using it periodically throughout the 1-2 hour session, but not caging it or powering it down. I've been using it through that time for targeting, marking a poi and range finding. Well, then that explains a lot, as the WMD-7 works fine then no longer lazes the targets, not rangefinding, nothing... that must be the case with it not so much a bug with the aircraft as much as coding limitation in DCS. Thanks for that. This canopy jettison is getting rather annoying though.
  11. Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah, that was my first thought, that I had pushed the aircraft too hard and over 'G'd' the pylons. Alas, all pylons showing green, not a single red on the sms.
  12. Hello all, Seems like a bug to me, or perhaps I'm doing something wrong on my end. But it seems that after some time in single player mode, usually more than an hour or so or more than one landing and rearming (sometimes sooner), the guided weapons will stop functioning properly- or at all (Weapons will not track to target) or will fail to launch altogether to the point of even being unable to jettison said weaponry. I've read the manual (Chucks guide, I believe it's called) And have watched tutorials by red kite and the Grim Reapers on Youtube. Aircraft systems are configured properly, and as instructed with the proper time alloted for alignment and so forth. Weapons being powered on and aircraft armed, etc. Also, the WMD-7 will no longer fire the laser even after having the aircraft repaired on the ground, proper laser codes entered and confirmed. Having the WMD-7 completely removed from the aircraft, replaced with another pod, taking off, either to simply fly and rtb or engaging air targets then rtb to rearm with the WMD-7 has no effect at all. I've tried every variation and configuration I could think of to rectify the problem to no avail. Repairing the aircraft on the ground and taking off, not taking off, and just rearming with everything else, shutting down the aircraft etc also has no effect. Additionally the SPJ seems stuck on "Standby" And cannot be coaxed out of standby mode. Furthermore, I've noticed that after more than one landing and rearming, my canopy will randomly decide to pop off the aircraft as if it's been jettisoned, with absolutely no input from me and with seemingly no pattern to it other than I've had more than one landing, even after just having the aircraft repaired just in case. I can't even seem to locate a key command to jettison the canopy. I understand the aircraft is EA, Thus my reason for bringing this up is to alert the developer to the potential bugs and simply because I am wondering if anyone else is having similar issues and If so, are there any workarounds other than the obvious, stop flying for so long. Thanks in advance. My rig in case such information is needed: Intel Core i7 9700K 32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz G.skill Trident Z RGB Ram MSi Z390 MEG ACE Mobo 512 GB WD Black NVMe SSD MSi RTX 2080 ti Gaming Trio NZXT E850 PSU Logitech X56 black pro H.O.T.A.S (Throttle plugged into powered USB by itself w/no leds on)
  13. As the title suggests: The cockpit red and white flood lighting no longer functions. Whereas at one point if I turned the white flood lights on, they'd illuminate the right hand side switch panel (Where one powers on the pylons and guns etc.) Additionally, the red primary panel flood lights don't work either. Only the instrument backlighting functions. Also kicking the Afterburner on, gives either no visual effect or greatly diminished visual effect (No shock diamonds, no viable exhaust "flame") that disappears if one zooms closer than two wingspans close. Troubleshooting steps taken as well as my PC's Specs are listed below. Any help would be appreciated. Steps I've taken to remedy the problem: 1: Uninstalled the Mig-21 followed by deleting any corresponding files, folders or any other items. Then reinstalling. 2: lowering/increasing the graphics intensity (enabling/disabling effects and details, AA, filering, adjusting view area, windowed mode, fullscreen, number of ai objects, resolution, etc). 3: Uninstalling/reinstalling DCS and deleting EVERYTHING, all aircraft, everything; including registry entries. 4:Updating Graphics card drivers, downgrading Graphics card drivers. 5:Ensuring other drivers are up to date. 6: Google searching for similar problems. 7: Lowering all clock speeds to stock, disabling things like turbo boost, re enabling turbo boost, but at a lower turbo speed, undervolting, underclocking, reenabling "default" settings etc. 8: Moving DCS to other SSD and HDD drives. Hoping someone has a fix as these issues are totally unacceptable for me. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. My rig: CPU: Intel Core i7 9700k @4.60GHz at stock voltage. CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62 (280mm) Push/Pull @ Front intake. MoBo: MSi Z390 MEG ACE. Ram: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16gb 2x8 @3000MHz 16-16-35 1.35V OS Drive/DCS Drive: WD Black M.2 NVMe SSD 500gb Graphics Card: MSi GTX 970 Gaming 4g Case: Phanteks Enthoo Luxe RGB Fans: Top of case (Exhaust): 3x140mm NZXT AER RGB. Rear (Exhaust): 1x 120mm NZXT AER RGB. Bottom of case (Intake): 1x 140mm NZXT AER RGB.
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