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  1. Hi guys, I got a crash using Mission Editor, I just zoomed out and it crashed. Here is the log attached. All the pc, game and GPU drivers are updated. Many thanks dcs.log
  2. I'll try in few days when back home Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I was flying the Mission 2 of the Reforger: The Iron Heel F-14 campaign. I was flying to some vessels and when I pressed F9 to see them in external view, everything crashed and got the crash message. The report didn't filed so here is the log. Many thanks for your help. PS: Latest DCS OB, Windows and Nvidia drivers are installed. dcs.log
  4. Sometimes It seems that people is looking solely and exclusively to "win the race" when playing DCS. This is a simulator, it means that you can recreate scenarios or invent one by yourself playing as a superior role or an almost loser role just for the fun of simulating. If win or outturn someone was the main purpose, you should only be able to play with 2-3 modules and all the rest should be AI. The real fun is creating a scenario where, even if you know you are inferior, there are Rules of Engagements to comply with, good coordination with your wingman and your G
  5. Hi guys, great work CubanAce! How's it going on?
  6. Many thanks Eduardo! I'll try it, my rig is quite good actually. It's a shame there is nothing more easily accessible both as a free mod or a complete redesigning of the default collection...
  7. Hi guys, I had this issue on a Supercarrier (I was on a MP server) with a F-14A: I was positioning on the catapult and the deck crew gave the correct signal initially, than, I lowered the strut, connected to the shuttle and than he asked for the strut extended. I suppose it's an Hornet thing (I don't have it but I recall something similar). I haven't had time to do it again. Thanks :)
  8. Hi guys, any update of this beautiful mod? Anyway, it's unbelievable that almost in 2021 we still get very limited and poorly designed default static objects by ED...
  9. First of all, that's a really great job! Second, does it impact the FPS a lot? What about the compatibility with the latest Open Beta? Thanks for your help ;)
  10. Thanks for the hard work! Anyway, the Water Explosion is breaking the IC (MP version 7). I have the red shield on top of the server list and "Pure client required" message on servers requiring pure textures.
  11. It would be useful to have 2 versions, like DCS: Stable (No IC break, so up to v5 now) and Beta (after v5)
  12. Guys, the 2 shots are 1 with the mod and one without it. They are F-16. Where you see it's No-mod, where is blank is Mod-on. The screen are F-16 only. The reference to the 18 is withiut screenshot as it just work normally.
  13. Some other tests, here is in WHOT (still F-16C TGP)
  14. Actually, we did some tests and, except in TV mode, the mod causes the TGP of the F-16C to blank when pointing the smoke area. The F/A-18 is working good instead. Here are the differences, both in BHOT mode (the one with the mod gives pitch black screen!). We are using the Mod V5 but as far as I know, there are no differences in this.
  15. Hi there, just tried the Mavericks with IR cam and after having destroyed a target I was unable to see anything when aiming in that direction, it was completely white. It seems that the smoke mod is the cause as it happens only when pointing where it is.
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