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  1. reinstall your avi codecs ...next SP1 or SP2 if need
  2. I confirm the resolution of problem , the AF was involved , i disabled catalyst AI and the Af controlled by application , the problem of water has dissapeared... Thanks a lot ...;)
  3. Very beautiful , could you to explain me please how do you have do to obtain this result .. thx.
  4. I've a certitude that the problems is a pixel shaders implementation before to have this card i used an ATI X1600 Pro and i'am remembered that the same problems appeared also with this card. Whithout enough information concerning similar problems with others cards ( nvidia for example ) it is not possible to ensure if this problem is due to the programation of the soft or a true incompatibilty with the drivers and the game.
  5. I 've an ATI card and i perhaps the problem it is the Pixel Shaders , due to i used an ATI8500 and no problem even if the water is not perfect .. I've similar problems with Pacific fighters ( Ubisoft too)
  6. hi , recently i've bought a new graphic card Ati X800XL with 256Mb , when i tried Lock-on, several problems appeared, for example: the shadows , in the scenario of F15 ( star menu) you approach the electric lines , at great distance you can see glitches around the feeds , and a problem with water textures similar with the post concerning a driver's bug. I've tested with several drivers , directx and reduce or modifiy the settings and i don't found a solution for this problem , did you have perhaps a possibilty to help me to solve these problems. My configuration : WinXP SP2 A
  7. Hi , I have similar problems with an ATI 800GTO , glitches with the water, i have tested with several DirectX 9.0a to 9.0c June 2006 , i 've changed several times the drivers , catalyst 5.8 , 6.5 , 6.6 and Omega 3.8.232 and 252 and NGO ATI 6.6 and do not change . Probably a compatibility problem with the ATI cards no ?
  8. Очень красивейшие экраны, но которым компьютер обязательно для использования lomac с полными вариантами 3d То будет вопрос :D
  9. My text is full of gramar faults isn't it ?? :oops: Im very sorry, gentlemens but Systran is not perfectly implemented for the russian. But , if you understand the english , :wink: :wink:
  10. Развеселите будет объявленные сказово здесь в Франции и notament имеет C6, flankerists будут давлениями, котор нужно иметь его в руках я также..... Без espere I что мой текст не имеет too many недостатков С вашими камрадами здоровья ............:) :D :D :D
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