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  1. F15C training mission


    Dear N22YF:


    Hi, I am new to this game, play in VR mode. currently have learnt how to land this beautiful "tennis court". But when I do the last landing training lesson, there weren't any way points. I know my velocity vector was side way, but I really had a good look around and didn't see any waypoints.


    The cloud was so thick, there wasn't any visual cues, no runway lights, I can't see anything. Then I pressed "1" and was able see the assistant cross. I followed it and crashed. It was really sad to be stuck there, please can you help me? Perhaps you can do a video on Youtube how it is done?


    Many Thanks



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    2. N22YF


      Thank you for the suggestion! I'll let you know if I get around to creating a video!

    3. N22YF
    4. jdfocus1985


      Nice! sorry for replying late. I mostly fly the Navy jets now, do you play often? I am 400 hours in, so I can be a good wingman you know.

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