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  1. Holy cow, I finally completed this mission! After getting fed up with flying back to the target area from the airbase every time I got shot down, I made an "instant action" edit of this mission that starts at the IP (WP4) so I could try it over and over. After literally over 100 tries (!!!), I finally got it! Here's the tactics I used - not sure if it's the optimal approach, but it worked for me! I was able to do this without changing the loadout or using the F10 map (although I had a pretty detailed mental map after flying it 100 times!). After first passing WP4, immediately take out
  2. What do you mean? Are you asking about an online multiplayer version for two players at once? If so, I don't think the format of these lessons would lend itself well to that sort of thing, unfortunately.
  3. Hm, I meant to imply that you should "leave them off to the side" by these instructions: I will revise these instructions to make them more clear in the next update!
  4. Here you are! Not a perfect flight by any means, but reasonable enough:
  5. Hello! Did you remember to press [1] to activate the navigation mode? Otherwise, I'm not sure what might be the problem - can you upload a video?
  6. Thank you - glad you found them helpful! Yeah unfortunately the helper gate functionality isn't fully documented: when you use the "show helper gates for unit" action and the player flies through a gate, the value of the flag you specify will set to the waypoint number of that gate. (For example, if you choose flag 5, then when the player flies through the gate at waypoint 1, flag 5 will set to the value of 1.)
  7. I would suggest trying the F-15C, which has some pretty stark advantages over the Su-27: TWS mode, which displays the heading and altitude of all detected aircraft (in addition to their positions) AMRAAMs, which are fire and forget and can be launched at multiple targets simultaneously The radar display (which is high up in the instrument panel like the Su-27's, and not low like the Mirage's) will indicate the altitude range your radar is sweeping at a given range, which makes it much easier to tell what altitudes you will and won't be able to detect aircraft at with your c
  8. Thank you! In the interest of not over-inundating new pilots with information, my thought was to mention just the K, [, and ] kneeboard commands, but now that you mention it, since it's not in the manual anywhere, it might be worthwhile to mention here I'll update the supplementary notes!
  9. Thanks again for everyone's great feedback! I have released v1.1 with some minor updates. The biggest change is that I added written notes for the material covered in the lessons which is not in the DCS F-15C manual, for easier reference: http://dcs.alexstoll.com/F-15C Here is the changelog for v1.1: Mission 1 (Introduction and Basic Controls): added info for changing HUD brightness and color Mission 3B (Cold Start, Taxi, and Takeoff (Advanced)): corrected explanation of the "Climb 300" ATC instructions Mission 4 (Navigation, Autopilot, and Fuel Management): adj
  10. The MiG-29G HUD displays distance to the next waypoint in kilometers, although the speed and altitude on the HUD are in knots and feet, respectively. However, the HSI waypoint distance indicator, which is labeled "KM", displays the distance in nautical miles. This is pretty confusing, and I suspect incorrect - the book Luftwaffe Fulcrums: The MiG 29 - From the East German People's Army to the Luftwaffe says that the indication of all instruments was changed to feet, miles, and knots as part of the upgrade from MiG-29A/UB to MiG-29G/GT when the MiG-29s transitioned from East German to Luftwaffe
  11. Thanks a lot! I hope this is able to be addressed. If fixing this wake problem turns out to not be in the cards, then this campaign mission really should be adjusted, since it's unreasonably difficult with the current state of things.
  12. Thank you for your feedback! The instrument landing practice (#7) is intended to be extremely challenging, and air-to-air refueling is, by its nature, extremely challenging at first, but the other missions weren't supposed to be too bad - could you elaborate a little on what you found challenging? What is giving you trouble on this mission? Are you getting shot down, or just having difficulty preventing the strike package from damaging the airbase?
  13. Are you talking about a bug report for the wakes being way too small? If so, I posted a bug report for that a couple years ago, with unfortunately no acknowledgement or response. (Maybe I posted it in the wrong Forum section? )
  14. Hello sir! That's my mission you're referring to! My intent with creating this mission was for the pilot to simply avoid threats rather than trying to defeat them with countermeasures, but as others have also pointed out to me, that wasn't apparent enough, so I'll try to make that more obvious in the next update to these missions. The point of the defensive aspect of this mission is to get practice with using the RWR to steer well clear of all threats - if you do this, you won't even need to worry about ECM or chaff/flares. Apologies for making this more difficult than it should have been!
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