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  1. problem still exist :( This is what I can see in a recorded video when it's happens:
  2. "..missing.."... it's a really confusing delivery concept :lol::cry: this we have over Steam: (also
  3. Hi, seems there is an issue with the A-10C German Fllight manual delivered over Steam : the PDF file can not opened File Location: DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Doc\DCS A-10C Flight Manual DE.pdf The EN version works fine and also the download from DCS itself is ok ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/downloads/documentation/dcs-a-10c_flight_manual_de/ ) . File Date on my filesystem is: 15.07.2020 which matched with an Entry in Changelog. Can you please recheck. Greetings Micha I forgot to mention: DCS 2.5.6 BETA
  4. not ?... I tried again and again that the Gunner let fall these damned smoke granate and in this time all enemies with a gun on the whole map shot at me :D .. The situatution was just so simple that I not realized that I have to fly ten second longer over the trees. I assume I came allways with not exact angle over the convoi. I was so frustrated in this moment, therefore the question. In general the commands in mission 6 are much better understandable as in former missions. Before and after "convoi" all was clear and no retry was necessary.
  5. got it... must turn left if and only if Peter told "now left"... other things in mission are clear.
  6. Can you please explain what was wrong with this convoi overfly thing ?... Its again a mission where I MUST ask in forum whats wrong, frustrating :( ... I had no problems with this mission 6 till to that convoid overfly point. More as thousands of shots in my face I dont get if I overfly the convoi :/
  7. hmmm.. ok, will try it without civ traffic. bit confusing was, that I land and some cars/trucks/.. pass without any problems. Still after some seconds ( wait for next task message ) the rotor gone.
  8. Hi.. can it be, that civil traffic kill the helicopter (in situation where I have to land at street) ?. In former "example" video I not seen one civ car. In my DCS there are lots of cars, and I land now two times( two times tried ) without problems left of street, but allways some seconds later or after looking at map, the helicopter was killed by some-what ( rotor is no longer on heli ). I seen the "example" video just now,.. it seems it is exact same position where I land :-/
  9. Hi, and yeah I use the kneeboard :) one addtional aspect I would like mention: if I recheck my records and can then hear the commands ( and re-read text's slower ), then it's mostly understandable. But within the flight/fight it is some time not easy to understand what was mean't and one aspect ( for me ) is often because of language understanding in stressfull situations. Therefore I check the textual description which give me often 3 seconds more to read.. But then, lot of text means again no time to read and if then also e.g. a trigger fired little bit late, the confusion is perfect ;)
  10. it's fun to fly, yeah ... and I have no problems to fly in one feet alt with higher speed. The problem (for me) was simple to understand what I have to do as next. The messages and the smoke comes parlty to late, I have to know before to where I have to fly and Within the video it is noticable that the pilot knows exactly what comes as next ...and with this knowledge the rest is not hard.. It was the first mission of all Huey campains where I used a "spoiler" video :)
  11. ...what kind of mission is it, if it is only flyable if we have to check a youtube video before :-/ I would say, that flying the mission like the video shows, is only possible if you tried the mission x-times.. question would be, how realistic is it to die x-times... ;)
  12. ..wollte nur auf z.B. diesen Punkt in den Notes hinweisen "flickering when using a lower frame"... Bei dem *-Sync reden es die Hersteller meist einfach schön, dass viele Monitore nur einen sehr engen Bereich haben in dem *-Sync arbeitet. Allerdings hat der Eizo, soweit ich weis, zwei Modi um das Problem zu begrenzen : Low (35-90) and High (56-144) und die muss man dann wohl manuell wählen. Vielleicht liegt es ja daran das Du evt High gesetzt hast. Ich kenne den Eizo aber leider nicht "persönlich" und vielleicht sind deine Ruckler ja auch MikroRuckler die dann wieder viele andere Gründe haben
  13. ich hab keine Probleme mit TrackIR und Ruckeln.. GSync-Monitor + NVidia Karte.. Ansonsten hilft auch Eizo's Seite weiter : https://www.eizoglobal.com/support/compatibility/gpu/nvidiagpu_freesync/index.html Beachte dabei "5. Notes"
  14. das ist nicht vergleichbar.. schon wenn man Huey oder Mi8 fliegt, gibt ein Unterschiede. Also wenn man vergleicht, muss es wirklich das Gleiche sein. Für Micro-Ruckler gibts viele Ursachen,.. von Windows über Grafiktreiber bis keine Ahnung ;)
  15. ...hat sich mir auch nicht ganz "erschlossen" warum man MSAA ausschaltet nur weil es vermeidlich "veraltet" ist. Ja, MSAA glättet "nur" die Kanten, dafür kommt mittlerweile jede Karte damit klar und moderne Karten haben kaum noch Leistungsverluste bei MSAA. Der Unterschied 2 zu 4 fach MSAA ist visuell nicht mega-mäßig, aber wie gesagt, zumindest neuere Karten sollten da aber auch keine großen FPS-Unterschiede zeigen ( 2 vs 4 ) ( ich sehe da keinerlei FPS Verluste ). SSAA arbeitet eben anders und geht auch auf die Texturen bzw. auf Effekte. Das berechnen mit viel höherer Auflösung als Origin
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