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  1. I had Crosswinds (without combat pedals) and TPRs and preferred the TPRs due to their unique mounting mechanism. Build quality was equally fine.
  2. You should open a support ticket here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/
  3. Have you selected the "Axis Commands" category from the pull down menu ? The keyboard column should be empty there - so I guess you didn't... but you have to, if you want to assign axes.
  4. I replaced the pinky on my Warthog throttle. You'll need a good soldering iron with a small tip, a "helping hand stand", I needed a magnifier glass. The whole procedure needed like 10 minutes. Take a look at a forum post here:
  5. Which modules to you plan to fly? How much money do you want to spend? Where are you located?
  6. Too late for me then, I guess - After a decade of flying the Warthog, I retired from the A-10C this year.
  7. I'm not a fan of removing loadouts from a module. If someone doesn't want to fly a Frankenharrier, it's very easy to not use the IR Mavs in the loadout. On the other hand gone is gone.
  8. Looking forward to this campaign too and how you manage the ground AI quirks that are so obvious when flying in a helo.
  9. Ich finde, ein vernünftiger Missionsbauer überlässt diese Entscheidung dem Piloten - das erspart einem die Mission zuerst in den Editor zu laden und dort die ganzen Restriktionen wieder zu entfernen.
  10. Yep. Some options are locked. I always play campaigns as single missions, so if there are any bugs I can easily continue with the next one. And if I feel the view options are too restricted, I load the mission in the editor, change the options and fly it directly from the editor. So I can play the game as I want and not how the mission creator wants me to.
  11. EULAs müssen nicht unbedingt rechtlich bindend sein. Soweit ich mich erinnere haben Oracle und Microsoft sich in DE damit nicht durchsetzen können - und da ging es sogar um gewerbliche Wiederverkäufern von gebrauchter Software. Aber das ist auch schon einige Zeit her... Aber wenn ED das schon ausschließt, würd ich so einen Account daher auch nicht kaufen.
  12. I don't know of any campaign, where you can select the AI level. And I own many of them. But the authors know about the AIs shortcomings and mostly find a way around them...
  13. There are two types of 2 way switches: one is on/on, the other on/off. on/on works out of the box for your intentions. For an on/off switch which you seem to have as DCS doesn't recognize the second position of your switch you need to modify the input .lua as was described to you a few posts above.
  14. No you don't need to set curves on the flaps. But you need to remove the assignment in the Axis category. In the A-10C II Real configuration there are only 2 commands for the flaps: "Flaps Up" and "Flaps Down". How did you manage to get all three positions (up/takeoff/landing) mapped? BTW, it rudders not rubbers, in case it was'nt autocorrection kicking in.
  15. Laut der Doku muss man die Missionen umbenennen, damit das funktioniert. Also muss man dann wohl auch die Kampagne selbst umschreiben, damit die neuen Dateinamen darin verwendet werden. Ich bin auch gespannt, ob das überhaupt mit Missionen aus DLC Kampagnen (die ja geschützt sind) funktioniert.
  16. Why not get a used HP Reverb G1? I had a Samsung O+ and now a Reverb G1 and I wouldn't ever want to go back to the O+.
  17. Being an attack plane fan, I would suggest the F/A-18. It has a lot of awesome ground pounding toys and some very nice (free and payware) single player campaigns and carrier ops.
  18. You will need a dedicated graphics card, too. A SSD helps load times and thus can prevent stuttering when loading terrain in flight. Take a look at the specs on https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/stable/
  19. Meine Empfehlung für Schreibtischpiloten sind definitiv die VKB Pedale: https://vkbcontrollers.com/?product=vkb-t-rudders-mk-iv (und ich hab schon viele probiert).
  20. Verkaufe A-10C UFC von BuddyFox. Funktioniert tadellos. Preis 110 EUR inkl. Versand nach AT/DE per Post. Siehe: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/a-10c-ufc-von-buddyfox-430526917/
  21. You could always rearm at the base and return to finish them off...
  22. Hab hier einige Dinge, die einen neuen Arbeitsplatz suchen: Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, TM Schubregler, Basis, Cougar MFDs, A-10C UFC. Versand innerhalb EU. Details hier: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/verkaeuferprofil/19224477
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