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  1. Oh, no, I do know how to not rip the wings, it's easy in a 21 too with how stubby and resilient they are. But sometimes I just want to pull 15G and mess with the AI, it's cathartic, and this is a feature that isn't working.
  2. This bug is still present. No change. And now we can't set the SMS to 99.
  3. Title. G-damage does not respect the Immortal option. Neither do pylon G-limits, on another note.
  4. Something I really wanna do is make crazy 20-30G pulls with the F-14 for pure kicks with Immortal on. This is, of course, impossible, because the INS will not survive a 20-30G pull. Any chance for a perfect INS option or something along those lines, if it's easy to program? Maybe two options - one for INS drift, one for high-G stuff?
  5. When infinite ammunition is on and I launch a PL-5EII or other weapon, after the weapon reappears, it doesn't become open for use again in the SMS. This behavior doesn't arise with any other modules.
  6. Found something - the Viggen only ejects properly when the canopy is raised fully. After taking damage, if you slow down enough and raise the canopy, the pilot will eject properly once it's up - and no sooner. Sometimes if the canopy manages to raise enough before getting blown off, that'll also work. IT's odd.
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