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  1. Hello, is there any way to normalize CA's VR Perspective (modify Lua file) instead of reversing it? I don't care about other bugs, but the VR perspective of driver's perspective is reversed. This is stupid
  2. Yes. At the same time, I hope you can easily repair the VR support of CA.
  3. 1. F / A-18, if the radar is selected as standby before entering AG mode, there will be no DDI button to switch AA / AG radar on the left side of the radar interface. It is necessary to let the radar run first, and then enter AG mode, then the AA / AG switch button of radar will be displayed normally 2. If the flight altitude of F / A-18 exceeds 35500, the map displayed by AMPCD will disappear
  4. If it weakens minigun's firepower, do you need to adjust AI gunner's logic? If you can't break through armored units, you should give priority to infantry targets. Otherwise, it's stupid to waste ammunition on BTR
  5. Hi. I want to place the target area by reading the TV sensor information of SA342 to achieve the effect of summoning artillery to strike. Can someone offer some help in thinking? Do not need to be particularly detailed, key words or brief ideas can be. Thank you very much.
  6. When AGM 65 and TGP are used at the same time, raid / FLIR FOV select button will still act on AGM 65, whether SOI is on DDI of TGP or not.
  7. When the harpoon is thrown at a large angle (as shown by TACVIEW) No remaining weapons are allowed to be fired. 120C/9x/GUN Even in AA mode, and MASTER ARM is on, it can't be launched. No malfunction alarm or warning for the hanger and wing is intact. All the remaining weapons could not be fired by pressing the trigger. I tested this BUG three times and it appeared every time.
  8. Hey there! How can SA342 Minigun's gunner AI fire in the current version? Thanks for your answers!
  9. #14 1.When a "HOME FULE" or "BINGO" or "INLET ICE" prompt appears, check the lower left corner again and compare your image. 2.Check TDC icon,on your image,the TDC number cover over ADV LINE.Check it. Have other reasons?
  10. I found a real F/A-18D video in which the Adv line on the left DDI does show, but it's not a black bar across the whole DDI, it's like this: Will F/A-18 Lot 20 in DCS fix this problem? Video URL(02:57): https://www.bilibili.com/video/av4300462?t=177 F/A-18D大黄蜂---海军陆战队“蝙蝠中队”年度剪辑【VMFA(AW)-242】 I hope you can reply to your views on ADV LINE black bar in this post in order to get formal feedback from ED. I can understand that AGM65 has a unreal option. I also believe that ED says they want to develop the most realistic simulated flight. Therefore, when confronted with AD
  11. 我找到一个真实的F/A-18D视频,其中左DDI上的Adv line,确实会显示,但是并不是一条横贯整个DDI的黑条,而是这样. DCS中的F/A-18 Lot 20会修复这个问题吗? 视频地址: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av4300462?t=177 F/A-18D大黄蜂---海军陆战队“蝙蝠中队”年度剪辑【VMFA(AW)-242】
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