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  1. Trying to install and I get "server not available try again later"
  2. David OC, this PIP video is amazing. How did you capture?
  3. Bob I have 3x 970 evo plus drives in my x570 aorus master MB, 3900x, 2080ti. Should I be worried about having 3 NVMe drives bottlenecking me?
  4. 2080ti owner here, 3950x, 64gb ram @3600, 970 evo plus SSDs. DCS normal and VR performance has always been frustrating. Since this is a DCS bottleneck will getting a 3090 GPU even help? I see this is a brute force solution to DCS performance. Thanks!
  5. Noob here. When Iron Mike says "The chaff resistance for the missiles has been increased" does that mean that the bandit's chaff is more effective against the missile and therefore missile is less effective, or does it mean that the missile is less fooled by chaff and therefore missile is more effective? Also why is C "better" in game than A? Thanks a lot!
  6. Just encountered this bug (3 aircraft in a row) today after having played 10 DCS sessions with about 2 f-14 cold starts each in the past. Human RIO and I go shot down in MP server, respawned in f14 #1 cranked right engine stuck at ~25%, jumped in f14 #2 cranked right engine stuck at ~25%, jumped in f14 #3 cranked left engine first no problem then cranked right engine stuck at ~25%.
  7. Just received my TPR pedals and they seem great except for the centering jitteriness; really surprised the centering force isn't damped by Thrustmaster. Anyway I'll be ordering a 10" shock from ebay and like this bracket (linked earlier) though I'm open to black brackets. Can y'all make suggestions on what fasteners I need?
  8. I knew just where I would come during free Viggen week :)
  9. Thank you all for the replies. I got in touch with my over email and decided to go ahead with the Thrustmaster TRP pedals because of the wait times. If they arrive and they're too big. or whatever, then I'll consider slaw or crosswind/ace2. Thanks again.
  10. thanks, I wrote to them on FB chat. Not holding my breath but might as well give them a message.
  11. Are these still available for sale? I'm looking for new rudder pedals and noticed these mentioned in a review but can't find a real website for them online.
  12. Is brake pressure gauge still not working? Just hopped in the cat and on shore takeoff training instructor tells me to press the brakes and check brake pressure on the brake pressure indicator. Nothing is changing on this gauge.
  13. Update: Got impatient and purchased a Vive Pro Eye. It has been great fun so far but I'm a bit underwhelmed by the FOV and refresh rate; I'm pretty sure I'll be returning it. For the first time I'm considering a PIMAX headset. Does anyone have either of the 5K or 8K models and could you comment on DCS-specific experience including your hardware and FPS/hz?
  14. I ordered the Valve Index but steam didn't take any payment and instead sent me a confirmation email with 8-weeks wait time warning. I guess I'm waiting. But maybe the rumored future HP/Valve headset will be on the horizon at that point. What anyone consider waiting for that nowadays? Patience for a KP? You think I do anything fancy? Just a normal OC, nothing exotic. For now... 1) I have a 3950x so I'm hoping I wouldn't be CPU-limited though I'm not sure if VR in general takes advantage of cores/threads or single-thread performance is important. Thanks for the info. I thought Rif
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