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  1. Can I get one with no Apache but keep the watermark?
  2. Phase cancellation. Has to do with the two audio channels out of sync and playing at different speeds. Notice how it goes up then down, at it's peak they are exactly out of phase, then it comes back in. If this youtube vid has true stereo sound as was produced by the sim, that weird noise would go away if you muted one speaker. I think. lol
  3. Haha....I was on my dad's 386!
  4. Last night I dropped 12 snakeyes spaced 250ft on Hoggit's training server on the line of trucks on the small airfield. Centered the pipper on the intersection and blanketed the entire runway. I did end up with CCRP queues though while holding pickle for about 10 seconds until they started dropping. It worked flawlessly. Hotdognz...by any chance were you dropping more than one? If you are dropping more than one the pipper should be placed in the middle of the string. In my example, I wanted to hit the whole runway...so I did the math with the spacing, and put the pipper in the middle of the runway.
  5. No idea what you're talking about but anyways... I can't seem to figure out how to do the flips in Starfox 64. Anyone know how to do that?
  6. I think YOU should fix it then since it's easy to do and max zoomed in screenshots of ordinance is your thing. While you're at at...make sure every piece of ordinance spawned in the game has its own unique serial number stenciled on it. :thumbup:
  7. That's not encouraging. You're implying there is NO support? Have they had he opportunity to see what you're working with so they can do something on their end or is this launching day 1 and that'll be the first time HB sees it..?
  8. Well...cross your fingers that Ed puts out something where at LEAST half of it works. :thumbup:
  9. Oh, well that's why I clicked on the thread to begin with lol. Alot of that stuff around.
  10. Of course it can do it. It was designed with real furballs in mind. F-16 got an added workload through the many years because it is awesomely capable of just about anything....but the Falcon won the contract for the lightweight fighter program. Nowadays there's plenty of aircraft that'll swat it left and right WVR... Just defending its "Air Superiority" status is all. I don't think anyone could see a Fighting Falcon drop stores and tanks and turn hot without puckering up at least a little bit. Dunno about the F-15c claim though...who's the better pilot?
  11. I go through the same roller coaster enthusiasm level for all my flight sims. Don't worry about it. I've taken years off from falcon and all of a sudden it's all I fly for 3 months straight...even leaving the campaign running while I'm at work. or I'll get an idea that I wanna visit all 48 regular states in a a2a 182...so I'll spend a month doing that...or a month flying the 737ngx... After that...I it's gtav time or kerbal space program...
  12. The plane itself is capable of much higher Gs. The pilot is the limitation..and why the computer will limit the Gs to about 9. Highly trained pilots can sustain about 9g for a limited amount of time. Some may be able to take more...some less. Slower building of the g factor makes it easier to remain alert and conscious at higher g levels. And instantaneous snap to 9g will prolly tranquilize any pilot in the world. So...no...not a bug. You are blacking out...not the viper. Be a little more gentle with the onset of Gs and you'll notice a difference.
  13. Impossible. RL development happens faster than any development DCS related has ever happened.
  14. How does it compare to Midway as far as telling the story of June 4th? Are we allowed to talk about the movie here?
  15. Just curious...when a thread gets renamed with "Missing Track File"...does that mean they're pleading for the public's help to expedite the solution while they tackle the issue...or does that mean they're not looking at it cause the user didn't provide enough evidence to their claim...which is required to make it as breezy as possible for the developers that we all just paid $80 to provide feedback?
  16. The launch video highlighted the Falcon shooting Mavericks too...so deduce from that as you should.
  17. Are you on an online server? I had this issue on one till I realized they had the f16s' bombs set to 1687. Make sure th L is flashing too when you're lasing.
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