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  1. Did you customize the cms programs before the patch? If yes, the patch probably restored the original settings and you have to customize the file again. Save it somewhere and replace the default one after each patch. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  2. Then the answer is, no. Find the corresponding osb button mapping in the options menu and bind it to a key that is convenient to you. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  3. Not sure, either you bind the corresponding osb to your keyboard OR move the TDC to the edge (left/Right) of the radar screen and will automatically switch to 60 degrees. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  4. "Hidden on planner" or "hidden" in the mission editor? Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  5. I really love the different tones for each threat. Once you learn them you have instantly an idea of what is painting you. Audio inputs are processed quicker by the brain than visual ones. Now if the rwr sounds would be "surround" that would help a lot in building a quick SA of threats. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  6. I'm happy to have bought it, I fly it daily even in it's limited EA current status and have fun. It will mature as a module as time goes by. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  7. I had a similar experience in multiplayer, Persian Gulf Map. The fps drop happened while I was flying over Dubai City at night with flood lights ON and was within 10 miles from a friendly viper (piloted by another player, not AI). After we were further distant from each other, the drop ceased. Maybe the things are related. Track lost, sadly :( Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  8. Air Tasking Order / limited strategic goals: an option to create squadrons of specific types of aircraft performing missions from a defined airbase in specific areas. Example: "Fighter Squadron XYZ" composed of 16 mig-29 is assigned to maykop airbase. For a time frame set by me of, let's say, 8 hours they will have to perform CAP sorties over 2 areas. Areas are defined with a trigger zone (call them cap area1 and 2). The squadron will assign 2 planes to each cap area for a 2 hours period and then rotate the planes, as the first flight is nearing mission end, the second flight takes off to replace them. (Asset rotation should be automatic AND/OR customizable) The flights will perform an optimal route in the cap area to ensure cover and try to engage all enemy (air) assets detected IN the cap area. The amount of scripting by mission creator should be = 0. All the tools are drag and drop /copy-paste, editable. Something similar can be done for CAS: allied ground units in contact with enemies WITHIN a CAS area can call available CAS assets to support them. Squadron ATO planning takes into account available planes, fuel, pilots, ammunition,etc. Now if you could link the above to "limited strategic goals" you have a mini dynamic, self-sustained, zero scripting scenario. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  9. Do these discrepancies also reflect on performances or it is just the gauges indication to be off? Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  10. I will check later tonight, I don't recall from memory but from what I get in Wags cold start video, RPM at idle start-up is anywhere between 62 to 80%. So it seems a case of "always 80%" and according to your comment (disconnects at 80%) it makes sense: as it reaches always 80% in idle, it will always disconnect instantly[emoji13] This, as I barely move throttle fwd, P brake goes away. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  11. So perhaps is it a bit too sensitive in DCS or my throttle input (warthog hotas) is excessively multiplied? I barely add power and it disconnects. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  12. Hi, In the Left Aux Panel, when moving the brake switch from anti-skid to parking brake, the aircraft is not hold in place when I try to taxi: if I add even 1% of throttle the parking brake disengages and revert to anti-skid. Is anybody else experiencing this? Is it "working as intended"? I have no first hand knowledge but from my experience with the Hornet, the plane won't move unless I disengage manually the parking brake. Regards Rubberduck Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  13. I'm sorry, i meant no more than 31.00 while QNH was 31.10. Is this working as intended? Nice find btw.
  14. Hi, While flying a quick SP mission set up by me with mission editor, reported QNH was 30.31 (weather preset: winter/calm) but I couldn't rotate the altimeter pressure knob past 30.00. Cold start from Vaziani AB (Caucasus map). Regards Rubberduck Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  15. Probably because those panels are used also in export versions of the Viper, for countries that "bought" the MWS or GPS map upgrade. It makes more sense from a production/logistics point of view to make a single panel and switches instead of having X different variants. Of course I could be wrong! [emoji23] Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  16. Today after a long day in the office, I finally had the chance to try this beloved plane on mine. Absolutely beautiful, even in the early access status! Some doubts about afterburner power but overall great, I'm in for a very good time. Thank you ED. [emoji846] Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  17. I say, if someone wants to carry just 2 Mavericks it's totally fine. If someone wants to carry 4 or 6 (this last one totally irrealistic) is fine too. The first group of people will be served by the corresponding loadout option, ignoring the irrealistic one. If they are "shocked" by the mere presence of the loadout option for 4 or 6 Mavs and the lau-88, then the issue goes beyond Dcs, it's more OCD like. I do also believe that the hornet lot 20 is allowed to carry Bru-55 smart rack (not carried in the 2005ish version we have) and the tomcat is allowed bomb loads that were only tested and never carried operationally. What do we do? Do we trash those modules? Tomorrow this beauty gets released in EA after 1 year of work. 1 year vs 5 years of a10 development, I'll take this as big accomplishment. Bashing it for such superficial reasons is nuts. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  18. +1 Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  19. Hi! On the list I can see "Mk-84LDGP" which is the standard variant. I refer to BSU50 variant, a weapon not actually existing in DCS. In the ccip video Wags used BSU49, a MK82 with a high-drag ballute. BSU50 would be the same idea, but with a MK84. Regards Rubberduck Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  20. Mk20 variable time is still WIP, you should only drop them with burst set to 1500 until ED flesh them out properly. Personally I managed to destroy entire mechanized columns with them. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  21. Hello again, I've noticed that this post of mine has gone unanswered, while other requests for specific ordinance have been flagged as "planned/later in early access" or "no/not realistic/not used by USAF/ANG". Is there any chance to get this piece of equipment for the viper? In case there is no obligation for a reply for the developers just let me know. BTW the Viper looks amazing, can't wait for it's release this Autumn, keep up the good work! Best regards Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  22. Dear ED team, Would you consider adding the ballute-retarded version of the MK84 gp bomb? MK84 AIR (this should be the name) is a 2000 pound bomb modified with a high drag ballute similar to it's MK82 AIR smaller variant. It should make low level fast attacks a literal "Blast" :) The model and physical behavior could then be used also for upcoming modules (F-4, F-15E?) and also for the F/A-18 (only if the USN ever used it). Regards Rubberduck Inviato dal mio MI 8 utilizzando Tapatalk
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