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  1. Hi, As "someone" who mostly lurks the forums and rarely posts, I have no problem in saying that I'm weighing the scale by voting Yes as I'm positively interested in the subject of the poll. Regards "A junior member"
  2. Yes, would be cool if it included assets such as modern (50s-70s) AAA radar directed flak, more SAM models (SA-4/SA-17), realistic TWS logic for SA-11 and SA-10 and realistic SAM tactics such as: 1)SAM emplacement X's radar guiding SAM emplacement Y's Missile to confuse defending planes (dispersed track radars and launchers co-operating via data link/radio) 2)back up optical launch for sams 3)Last moment lock for Sams launched in the plane's general direction 4) Sam launches on planes overflying shorads at altitude, forcing them to dive and being engaged by shorads (traps/ambushes) As as of now air defenses are embarrassingly easy to defeat Regards
  3. OMG MARK-84 AIR! I posted it on the wishlist months ago! :love: 1) Flight model / systems / avionics 2) weapons and delivery modes 3) all the rest Thank you ED for launching this survey. Regards Rubberduck
  4. Try this thread: https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?url=https%3A%2F%2Fforums%2Eeagle%2Eru%2Fshowthread%2Ephp%3Ft%3D255977&share_tid=255977&share_fid=74365&share_type=t&link_source=app Or search into the f16 forum section. If you edit the file, keep a copy of the edited one somewhere: if a patch comes out and it affects the lua cms file, it will replace it. Just replace it again with your specific version. I hope we will soon have DTC to edit these configs once and for all! Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  5. Then you should set a countermeasure program and dispense it. If you want a "flare only" program you can edit those available via DED/ICP or edit the lua file in the DCS installation sub-folder. Regards Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  6. Hi, Have you tried consulting the early access guide? https://srv13files.eagle.ru/dc...-16C_Early_Access_Guide_EN.pdf Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  7. GPS is actually modelled to some extent: if you create a mission in the editor with a date before 1994 or 1988 (don't remember exactly) GPS won't work because it wasn't used/existing IRL. Maybe, as some other users suggested, there maybe more coming in the future about GPS and INS in general. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  8. Thank you so much! Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  9. Hi, I have a question for experts in Viper's avionics. From the last patch: * MAG VAR will now switch between AUT and MAN by use of the SEQ position of DCS switch. After finding the corresponding section in the ICP I was able to set magnetic Variation to manual and input some values, with the logic of East /West and 3 digits. The effect was that the compass tape on the hud adjusted accordingly. However I do not understand the need of this, I'll explain myself better: I was under the impression that by default the shown heading is always true and not magnetic. And it is done accordingly with the map (Caucasus 6.7 and PG 2.2, give or take) What is the difference between auto and manual? Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  10. Rubberduck85

    Benvenuti !

    Ciao a tutti/e, Dopo un po' di tempo che leggo il forum italiano e partecipo su quelli internazionali ho deciso di presentarmi qui. 34 anni, da sempre appassionato di aviazione con circa 25 anni di esperienza di volo simulato, dal lontano SWOTL fino a DCS, passando per quasi tutti i titoli maggiori. Da ormai 2 anni faccio parte dei TIA (vivi, vegeti, aitanti e dotati) e ne sono assai felice. Buon volo! [emoji41] Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  11. I had a quick exchange with Bignewy last Sunday in the official DCS discord. I asked if FM and trust were being worked on, and he replied that "the Team will be tweaking the FM as EA progresses". So if it depends on "who I talk to", I talked to one of the official ED spokepersons. The fact the the current performances are underwhelming (to say the least) is known, but it's WIP. I still have faith in the implementation of correct performances, there is no other way around to establish the *new benchmark* in an F-16C simulation. So unless: -no action is taken in 2020 Or -an official statements comes out saying "alright boys and girls, the FM is definitive, we got the right data" I wouldn't worry too much (for now) [emoji6] Regards Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  12. Whe did ED stated officially that the current performances are definitive and are not gonna be tuned to known values? I was under the impression that FM and engine trust were still WIP. Did I miss something? Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  13. The current standard skin is a placeholder, the model is still unfinished. You can find some user made skins in the DCS user file webpage. I shamelessly recommend Porcorosso86' skins. Regards Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  14. So at least 1 (or more depending on depth of simulation) specific sound for each different threat is coming in the future? Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  15. These are great tips! Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  16. What difficulties are you encountering? Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  17. Set tacan channel to 1 Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  18. I can confirm: left brake is "weaker" than the right brake. It's really evident as you enter the runway at low taxi speed, as you use both (full brake), the plane will steer to the right side as it's apparently stronger. Makes aligning with runway a bit difficult. Regards Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  19. It's already easier than drogue. If anything, ED needs to rework AAR refueling as a whole, some items off the top of my head: *Tanker stating speed at which it flies *Tanker calling turns before executing them *Possibility to control tanker flight path from f10 map (so you can keep it safe and move it closer to the Frontline as needed) *Boom effect on refueled aircraft (ie moving it around *Option for infinite tanker fuel (so it doesn't rtb after a few refuels) *Create new "hybrid" class of tanker so that KC-135mprs can refuel planes with both drogue and boom Regards Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  20. When you touch the runway, keep the nose upwards, roughly the gun boresight cross on +10 in the hud pitch ladder, and fully extend the airbrakes. Don't use wheel brakes yet. When you slow down to 100 knots, gently release the stick until you touch with all 3 wheels, now use the wheelbrakes and pull the stick full back. You will usually stop mid runway. Regards Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  21. I dream of this too! Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  22. Hi, while in TWS, the bugged track does not show if i use EXP. Track and screens attached of 4 C130 bugged in TWS and then "disappearing" in the MFD as I cycle through them in EXP. Regards Rubberduck TWS exp bug.trk
  23. Yes. I don't know if with today's patch you can edit "in-cockpit" the bypass as it's...a bypass, something you use instead of "programmable programs". Just save a backup of the edited file or as some user suggested try a mod manager. This until the cartridge is available (never too soon!!!) Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
  24. It always dispensed 30 chaff/flare to me in bypass. Sent from my Xiaomi MI8
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